Ford employees commit economic suicide

Reject wage concessions, leaving Ford to try to compete with government-owned competitors paying lower wages. All I can figure is that these bozos hope Ford will fail so that they, too can become government employees. I’m really not going to feel sorry for them when they go down.


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4 responses to “Ford employees commit economic suicide

  1. Anonymous

    Of course one consequence of the impasse is that the potential car buyer will look to other manufacturers, let he/she buy a soon-to-be orphaned brand. so the union’s unsustainable demands, even if successfully resisted by Ford, will do serious and perhaps fatal damage to Ford — and the union. Even parasites can’t survive without a host.

  2. Reader

    Maybe the union is not so crazy. If Fords goes belly up, the Obama administration, as in the GM case, would give the company to the union.

  3. Anonymous

    US auto industry has engineered and built awful, dubious-safety cars/SUVs for decades, bought by clueless, blindly “patriotic” customers (incl US gvt for limos and many IBs for senior mgmt limos and “black” cars for >>$5MM/yr execs); one’s physical safety and health is priceless in any common sense risk analysis, no?

    In contrast, US engineered and built (in GA) G550s are some of world’s best planes, used by many wealthy guys who choose to drive self around town via new Mercedes (not any US or Asian brand)

    After all, one carefully vets G550 pilot qualifs, yet 99+% of Merc S-Class chauffeurs are inept, unsafe drivers, no matter driver pay nor net worth of passenger

  4. Peg

    Chris, I am looking forward to working for ObamaBrokersR-Us. Do you think we’ll still work on commission? (Won’t be so bad if the government gives tax rebates of $50K a house.) Or – perhaps they’ll just put us on salary so we can sit around, do nothing and collect our paychecks irrespective of the market.

    All we’ll need to do is find some schmucks – somewhere – who are still actually providing some service and/or producing some product that actually earns some real money – so they can pay some REAL taxes and pay OUR ObamaBrokersR-Us salaries!