Mongo have great pain between ears

Frank Rich’s head exploded when the “mainstream conservative” (his term) lost in Watertown and the messy result is here. By opposing Rich’s choice for the Republicans (and Mr. Rich has undoubtedly never voted for a Republican in his life) we are labelled “Stalinists”. Really? Rich professes to be delighted by our victory because, he says, it means the Republican party is tearing itself apart and setting itself up for utter defeat in 2012. Its possible that the man doesn’t really believe this and is writing in panic but I think not; men like him are so removed from what’s going on outside the NYC-Washington liberal cocktail circuit that they are incapable of grasping what is happening. Do you, Mr. Jones?


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2 responses to “Mongo have great pain between ears

  1. Anonymous

    November 1, anniversary of the enactment of the hated Stamp Tax in 1765.

  2. Arouet

    Oh c’mon CF. Don’t tell me you’re a Hoffman fan! YOU are one of those sensible Republicans that is getting marginalized. WHY are you guys letting your party get hijacked by these sanctimonius, hypocritical jackasses?

    /s/ a fiscal conservative and social moderate who used to vote Republican.