None so blind etc.

Connecticut census data are out and liberals spot oppression.

But experts said looking at just the statewide and county-wide data tells only part of the story. Look at the survey’s demographic picture of the city of Bridgeport, and you’ll see a much different side of what it means to live in the Constitution State. For instance, the median household income in Bridgeport was about $41,210 — roughly half of that in Fairfield County. Only about 15 percent of city residents had a bachelor’s degree or higher; only about 73 percent of those aged 25 or older were high school graduates.

The city also had a much higher poverty rate than the state as a whole. Though the percent of Connecticut residents in poverty increased from 7.9 percent in 2000 to 8.5 percent in this most recent survey, it’s still much lower than in Bridgeport, where 20.3 percent of residents live in poverty.

This duality is all too familiar to Barbara Edinberg, acting director of the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition. Because Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the nation, Edinberg said, many people don’t realize that there are pockets of devastating poverty within the state.”When you look at the statistics for Bridgeport and look at the rest of Fairfield County, it’s so clear that there are two Connecticuts here,” she said. “We are living on the Gold Coast, but the gold hasn’t reached Bridgeport.”

Well my goodness, that just proves we’re all a bunch of greedy racists, doesn’t it? Of course, there’s this information missing from Miss Edinberg’s analysis:

In addition to being rich, white and professional, Fairfield County-ites were generally well-educated. The survey shows that 88 percent of people in the county aged 25 years over had at least graduated from high school, and 43 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher. County residents were slightly better educated than the state at large. About 35 percent of Connecticut resident had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

That dichotomy is particularly obvious when you compare statewide statistics for poverty and median household income, Edinberg said, but there are other telling differences as well. For instance, only about 20 percent of Connecticut residents spoke a language other than English at home, compared with roughly 45 percent in Bridgeport.

The relative braininess of state and county residents didn’t come as a shock to Fairfield University sociology professor Kurt Schlicting. “It seems to me that whenever government and economic gurus speak about Connecticut they say (education) is our big economic advantage,” he said. There’s often a link between an educated populace and prosperity, Schlicting said. Thus it’s no coincidence that, in addition to having one of the highest average household incomes in the country, Connecticut has the fourth highest percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree (34.8 percent) and the fourth highest percentage of people who have earned an advanced degree (15.1 percent).

So let’s see: if almost half a city’s residents don’t speak English, 85% have no college degree, and 27% are high school dropouts, could their poverty be attributed to anything but racism? Of course not, and you’re a racist for even raising the question.


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7 responses to “None so blind etc.

  1. DB

    Having moved to CT from NY and the contrast between areas with money and those without were more obvious then I was used to.

    From my understanding, tax money is kept within municipalities much differently from NY and for that matter other states.

    The “dichotomy” as the article mentioned can be drastic when you consider we have the richest and some of the poorest areas. I’m of the firm opinion that many in the richest areas are completely isolated from those of the poorest, mainly financially.

    The tax rates in Bridgeport far exceed those from Greenwich or other wealthier municipalities due to how tax money is collected in CT. I believe this is a “let them eat cake” setup…..but have learned some wealthier friends feel differently.

  2. Anonymous

    CT socio-economics, outside of a few parts of Greenwich, collapse quickly into Detroit or Newark or Bronx-like settings; shows fallacies of avg or median stats when top 1% pay about 50% of taxes in NYC/CT or CA

    And the irony is probably majority of centimillionaires and billionaires in Greenwich today are self-made guys who aren’t from Greenwich (or CT) originally….and many only have a mere undergrad degree

  3. Chief Sachem

    So let’s see, again.

    You equate “speaking a language other than English at home,” with “Don’t speak English.”

    You think more than 15% of the population needs a college degree. (You need one to sell real estate?)

    And you think a 27% high-school dropout rate has nothing to do with racism. Did you bother to correlate that number with the underlying races involved? (part 1) points out that cows in Europe receive governmental subsidies at the rate of $ 2 per day. Stiglitz resigned as chief economist of the World Bank, but he points out that that body defines poverty as living on less that $2 per day, and that more than half the world’s population in developing countries lives on less than $2 per day.

    Chief think you racist through and through. But Chief glad to know you read Frank Rich column.

    • christopherfountain

      Chief, New jersey spends $45,000 per pupil on Newark students. State average is $18,000, yet Newark leads the state in illiteracy, high school dropouts and poverty. You say, racism, I say, 14-year-olds make lousy mothers, speaking Spanish in an English business world is a handicap and flunking out of high school dooms you to a career of sitch digging or selling real estate. Thank goodness I live in Greenwich, where selling real estate can earn a salary three times what a lawyer makes – the prices in Newark don’t offer that opportunity.
      Get an education, get a job.

  4. Chief Sachem

    And a Greenwich Realtor would recognize racism in the mirror? Hello, your phone is ringing.

    And you think speaking Spanish in an English business world is a handicap? (Hint: Just who was buying up the Miami condos for cash? Greenwich retirees? Don’t think so.)

    And were the families of the 14-year old mothers in Bridgeport not recently relocated from Stamford and Norwalk, due to some political notion of urban improvement?

    And why do realtors here make three times an attorney’s salary? Hint: They are selling a pipe-dream with lies and haughty attitude. (2nd Hint: That’s why you blog.)

    My years of working with indigent and indigenous populations has taught me many lessons, but also that the baser human spirit has no limit on its capacity to see oneself as slightly superior to one’s neighbor in some respect.
    (Hint: Look how you treat your fellow land-stealing European Immigrant brothers in Cos Cob. Chief have picture of this deal. )

    Say, how’d you all get Cos Cob in the first place. And why do you call it Cos Cob?

  5. '73Refugee

    Bridgeport’s record of municipal corruption is legendary.

    People able to choose (based on education and income), choose to live elsewhere.

    With good reason.

  6. I don’t get it. Where in this article does anyone blame racism for the disparities you mention?