It’s back

62 Ridge Street

62 Ridge Street

Fresh from his triumph in selling off his spec house on Lindsay Lane for $10 million + the owner of this home on Davis Ridge Street has brought it back on the market at the same price it hasn’t sold for before, $6.975. It started off long ago at $7.250, was raised to $7.450, then dropped to its current price, all to no avail. It’s possible that with a new agent flogging it he’ll get his price but my impression is that the market for $7 million downtown homes overlooking D’Elia Honda’s parking lot and within close earshot of I-95 is rather limited these days. Of course, it only takes one buyer.

Assessment is $2.942 million.


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3 responses to “It’s back

  1. Stanwich

    Nice house, wrong location. Any unsold luxury townhomes in downtown are in for the long haul. That market has simply gone away for now.

  2. dogwalker

    Ugh, you always confuse Ridge and Davis. It’s on Ridge – the photo is correct, the text is wrong.

    Also not helping this sale is a reasonably comparable one family on Milbank (nicer in many ways, IMHO) that has hovered around the same price until recently – the Milbank house is now down to $6.1 something.

    Plus there will be construction going on next to the Ridge Street house for a couple of more months . . . at least.

  3. Martha

    I have a real pet peeve about a garage on the front facade. Why do people keep building those!?