Gays blame Obama for loss in Maine?

Gay Marriage Maine

He meant what he said, the...the liar!

What are these people thinking? Obama (and Biden, come to think about it) are against gay marriage and have said so repeatedly, yet “the gays” a self-defined group, presumably, of liberal homosexuals) now complain that he didn’t lend support to their battle to keep gay marriage legal up north. What, did the disappointed boys and girls think Obama have been lying to the American people? Perish the thought.


Advice from the right wing of the political spectrum: you don’t want the government in your life, don’t vote for people who promise to run it for you.

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One response to “Gays blame Obama for loss in Maine?

  1. Old School Grump

    Sadly, there is no surprise here, just an oft-repeated politicians’ bait-and-switch that gay people should have wised up to ages ago.

    I am 100% in favor of gay marriage — with all the rights that us hetero married people enjoy — and also believe it should be called “marriage,” rather than “civil union” or some such nomenclature that indicates second-class status. It’s fine with me if churches condemn it and refuse to acknowledge it; what matters is that it has legal status. But even politicians who feel the exact same way will never say so. What they will likely do is project a sincere “solidarity” with this cause that leads gay people to believe they will actually DO something to advance this cause. Which they won’t, because it will cost them far more votes than it will earn them. Obama is no different. End of story. Sad but true.