Ned Lamont is back in the running

He’s gunning for the governorship. There are already six Democrats in the fray but Ned’s got the hearts of the wingnuts for running Lieberman out of the party so he automatically goes to the head of the line.

So when is Scott Frantz going to announce that he’s running against Jimbo Himes?


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3 responses to “Ned Lamont is back in the running

  1. The Duke of Deceptiom

    The Duke met Neddie att the Yale-Harvard game two years ago. Dipwad.

    Even his Harvard buds thought he was something of a joke.

  2. The Word

    Chris, we’re the “wingnuts”. The Left is the “nutroots”, a play on the “netroots” phenomenon that emerged in the 2004 presidential campaign (Daily Kos, Atrios, and other fellow traveling websites).

    As for Ned: Only a Lamont-level idiot would announce an extreme left-wing, liberal campaign for a political office on the day after a stinging rebuke to big-government, tax and spend, Obama-esque policies. I just hope that Ned commits a significant quantum of his wife’s fortune to his campaign. Fools and their money and all that.

  3. hey Duke

    Look who is laughing Duke. He was sitting on a thicker wallet than you. Just jealous. Probably you are a Noel hater too.