Separated at birth?

capt.photo_1256832514091-1-0Just wondering.






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9 responses to “Separated at birth?

  1. RR

    lol..I must show this to my colleagues..but I will credit you of course.

  2. Old School Grump

    Ehhh, not so hot. I assume you remember the late great SPY Magazine’s regular “Separated at Birth” column, given that you are the right age, the right sensibility, and a lifetime east coaster. Two of the best Separated at Births (this is the 80s, mind you) that I can recall were David Bowie and The Queen Mum–it was the teeth, mostly–and Tama Janowitz (Lordy, why was she ever such a big deal?) and Grandpa Munster.

    Anyway, not so hot but not a bad try.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Just in time, Chris – current New York mag cover story


    * roll your own top ten

  4. KC

    I don’t know, the monkey has sort of a clever look in its eyes . . . maybe a sort of simian self awareness or something. The other photograph raises more questions than it answers.

  5. FlyAngler


    I hate to call foul here but I am. By making a comparison between Dr. Zira and the Ice Queen, you are doing a serious disservice to the actress Kim Hunter.

    As a fan of the “Planet of the Apes” saga, I often admired how much emotion Hunter was able to get out from behind the inflexible prosthetic faces that the wore. It was mostly from the eyes that she was able to cast a sympathetic character. Quite endearing in her interactions with Charleton Heston, maybe even flirtatious in a beastiality sort of way (but from who’s perspective).

    Anyway, Pelosi has some of the worst eyes in the public arena. Never mind the surgery+induced bug-eyed look, her eyes project disdain and loathing more often than any other emotions. Even when feigning a smile, her eyes say something else.

    If you want a spearated at birth for Pelosi, I might suggest the Cryptkeeper from the Tales of the Crypt series, though at least he had a sense of humor and could laugh at himself.

  6. You may have crossed the line this time, Chris.

    Expect a nasty communication from the legal lizards at the Simian Anti-Defamation League.

  7. GiGi

    I thought this blog was about real estate in Greenwich.