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Still has a package of Zig Zags under the seat, I bet

65 vw1965 VW bus stolen 35 years ago discovered in shipment destined for Holland.Allstate paid $2,500 loss back then, it’s in mint condition and worth $25,000 now, so the insurer wants it back.

Must have been a hell of a party, dude.

(h/t: Norwich Millionaire)


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A Donner Dinner Party?

Hartford: man sentenced to prison for knife and fork murder.

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Washington D.C. has a shortage of affordable homes – government aid is called for, of course

From the Washington Post comes this sad story of a shortage of cheap housing in the D.C. area. I realize that it’s the Post, but wouldn’t you think an article on this subject could at least mention in passing the incongruity of a government hell bent on raising real estate prices while looking for ways to subsidize buyers?


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That was then, this is now

On September 24th, Speaker of the House Nanny Pelosi “absolutely” guaranteed that the final House version of ObamaKare would be posted online 72 hours before it was voted on. Today, that statement is no longer operative. You don’t think she’s planning to sneak a few things into her bill that shouldn’t see the light of day, do you?


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Saving us from disaster

FTC blocks merger of pretzel makers on anti-trust grounds. Our government’s finest hour.

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Muslim shooter kills twelve fellow soldiers

This isn’t going to do much for CAIR and its campaign against profiling musslemen.


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You wanted the job, you big cry baby, now do it

One year on, Obama the Magnificent is still whining that “it’s all Bush’s fault! He messed up the room and now I have to clean it up all by myself and it’s just not fair“.

Look – I never thought he was up to the job so his pathetic failure doesn’t change my opinion of the man one whit. But aren’t you Lexus owners with the Hope and Change stickers beginning to have qualms? Or, to put it in terms Greenwichites can understand, if this guy had been brought in as CEO a year ago to rescue a failing company and he was still wringing his hands and pissing his pants while moaning about the difficulties left him by his predecessor, would you be long or short the stock?


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Are Greenwich Police training the Mounties?

RCMP - Regina, Saskatchewan

The "GPD Manlys" on their way to the Greenwich Village costume ball

Canadian Mounties defend tasering 16-year-old girl. We get the same guff here in Greenwich, whether the cops are electrozapping a kid in the Student Center or a rowdy fellow, 32 times! on the sidewalk: “It was necessary and proper”. I grew up in town when some people were rough yet cops didn’t have tasers and I never heard of anyone having to be shot by the police. That is supposedly the rationale for this device; it’s serves as a non-fatal alternative to the sidearm, but it seems to be used more as a source of amusement and entertainment by sick bullies than a necessary means to subdue a suspect. Of course, a 71-year-old sign thief can be a preeeety dangerous fellow ….

Just saying.

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It’s all theirs now – Demmerkrats pass global warmism bill without Republicans

It’s on to the full Senate. Republicans should stay as far away from every single proposal of the Democrats as possible, from Global warmism to ObamKare to financial regulation. Ten years from now when the economy is in ruins, if there’s anything left to salvage, the Republicans can do it and the Dems will be consigned to the trash heap of history. [warning link may be dangerous to your mind] Of course there may well be nothing left but life’s always got some risk to it.

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One new listing

97 Shore Road

97 Shore Rd Old Greenwich

This is a nice older house with a great front yard but not much in back (could describe some women I know) that came on today for $3.195. That’s not crazy, because the sellers bought it in 2006 for $2.950 in a bidding war (listing price was $2.895). My personal opinion is that I liked the house better when it was sold in 2004 as an untouched older home for $1.695. I didn’t like the renovations that it underwent and certainly nothing done to it then justified its $1.3 million markup two years later.

But there it is. Assessment is $1.915.


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A question answered

Yesterday I asked why a house on West Crossway in Lucas Point had come back on the market at substantially more than its last unsuccessful price. The listing agent Jim Foote has replied and here’s what he says. Readers, take it from here.

Hi Chris:

You asked why my new listing at 7 West Crossway in Lucas Point, Old Greenwich is priced at $2,695,000.

The answer is simple.  Because that asking price is supported by an independent appraisal we had done to be sure we priced correctly.

I’m writing you from my broker open house at which my colleagues are delighted.

I have three appointments with brokers (make that four- the broker who just left commented “It sure has water” and scheduled a showing Saturday). ( Make that five-the broker who is in the house now, and who’s first comment was “This is nice” before she had advanced five feet, will be showing the house early Sunday.  She plans to set up 7 West Crossway by showing another Old Greenwich waterfront “on a swamp”, as she put it, that is priced at $2,900,000!

In addition I’ll be showing 7 West Crossway to the friend of a neighbor who came in and dashed out to call her in Manhattan.

From the back of 7 West Crossway, over its 100 feet of direct waterfront, you can see four other waterfront homes that sold at $2,800,000, $4,910,000, $6,500,000 and $8,200,000 not too long ago.

Don’t forget the old adage in our business, “A buyer will make a liar out of you every time.”

Your readers are welcome to judge for themselves at my public open house this Sunday, November 8th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.


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Every trial lawyer and scum-sucking, bottom-feeding realtor should be able to display one

Otherwise, how will you know he can look into big, beseeching eyes and pull the trigger? These are no times for softies.


St. Barts can wait - let's go hunting


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Hey, if the NY Times says it’s so it must be true

Get realistic about selling your house. (Hat tip, Dog Walker).

It continues to astonish me that, with 200+ houses facing foreclosure today, sellers with their bank breathing down their neck still keep their asking price too high to achieve a sale – saw some on open house tour this morning, in fact.


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In tribute to MVP Hideki Matsui

Here’s a picture of the old (2007) Greenwich real estate values and the new. Homeowners waiting for junior to gain the stature of the giant may be on the same time table as this young man – say, 18 years?

sumo and child



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Open House Thursday – another bust

Two new listings, both wildly overpriced, and a spattering of retreads. And that’s it. St. Barts beckons but then again, NY State deer season opens November 21st. Take your pick.


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One of our own?

Seven more arrested for insider trading down on Wall Street this morning, including “one from Connecticut”. Connecticut sends lots of its citizens off to the Street every morning but Greenwich sends most of them, so the odds are we have yet another Round Hill Road resident due for some publicity. Stay tuned.

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They’d do better hoping he’d come out in support of gay marriage

Iranian freedom fighters clash with dictatorship’s police and cry, where is Obama?” Our president, of course, is busy trying to evade a decision on whether to send more troops to Afghanistan but he has noted “his concern” over the unhappiness in Iran and hopes for a peaceful outcome.

What a refreshing change from Bush!

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Another triumph for Greenwich police


Where there's smoke there's a minor (and maybe a donut!)

Just days after two of Greenwich’s finest captured and hog tied a citizen trying to remove campaign signs from a town land, Chief David Ridberg announced yet another coup, the arrest of two store clerks for selling cigarettes to minors. “This just shows the public that their police are tasered, ready and dangerous – miscreants, watch out,” Ridberg said. Gesturing at his new, $95 million headquarters behind him, Ridberg continued, “critics of our spending give us no credit for being on top of the criminal class – I’d say these arrests answer that in full and should finally silence those ingrates.”

The Chief seemed to be about to say more but he was interrupted by his personal trainer and left for his scheduled massage.


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Just one word to Yankees fans



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Posturing? Our man from Iowa, Christopher Dodd? Nah.

Dodd pushes his idiot scheme to redesign our financial industry’s regulation structure under the oversight of a White House political appointee. No one appears to think it’s a good idea or that it will go anywhere, but that’s not the point:

Mr. Dodd’s proposal stakes out an extreme position, and is likely to face major resistance, especially from the banking industry. His effort comes as he prepares for a tough re-election battle in 2010. Mr. Dodd has been criticized for being too cozy with the banking industry in the past. This year he has advanced various proposals attacking banking practices, such as a new law limiting certain credit-card fees.

Even if his regulatory-overhaul plan runs aground, it could help Mr. Dodd position himself as a populist lawmaker willing to wage war on powerful financial institutions

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