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Still has a package of Zig Zags under the seat, I bet

65 vw1965 VW bus stolen 35 years ago discovered in shipment destined for Holland.Allstate paid $2,500 loss back then, it’s in mint condition and worth $25,000 now, so the insurer wants it back.

Must have been a hell of a party, dude.

(h/t: Norwich Millionaire)


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A Donner Dinner Party?

Hartford: man sentenced to prison for knife and fork murder.

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Washington D.C. has a shortage of affordable homes – government aid is called for, of course

From the Washington Post comes this sad story of a shortage of cheap housing in the D.C. area. I realize that it’s the Post, but wouldn’t you think an article on this subject could at least mention in passing the incongruity of a government hell bent on raising real estate prices while looking for ways to subsidize buyers?


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That was then, this is now

On September 24th, Speaker of the House Nanny Pelosi “absolutely” guaranteed that the final House version of ObamaKare would be posted online 72 hours before it was voted on. Today, that statement is no longer operative. You don’t think she’s planning to sneak a few things into her bill that shouldn’t see the light of day, do you?


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Saving us from disaster

FTC blocks merger of pretzel makers on anti-trust grounds. Our government’s finest hour.

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Muslim shooter kills twelve fellow soldiers

This isn’t going to do much for CAIR and its campaign against profiling musslemen.


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You wanted the job, you big cry baby, now do it

One year on, Obama the Magnificent is still whining that “it’s all Bush’s fault! He messed up the room and now I have to clean it up all by myself and it’s just not fair“.

Look – I never thought he was up to the job so his pathetic failure doesn’t change my opinion of the man one whit. But aren’t you Lexus owners with the Hope and Change stickers beginning to have qualms? Or, to put it in terms Greenwichites can understand, if this guy had been brought in as CEO a year ago to rescue a failing company and he was still wringing his hands and pissing his pants while moaning about the difficulties left him by his predecessor, would you be long or short the stock?


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