Another triumph for Greenwich police


Where there's smoke there's a minor (and maybe a donut!)

Just days after two of Greenwich’s finest captured and hog tied a citizen trying to remove campaign signs from a town land, Chief David Ridberg announced yet another coup, the arrest of two store clerks for selling cigarettes to minors. “This just shows the public that their police are tasered, ready and dangerous – miscreants, watch out,” Ridberg said. Gesturing at his new, $95 million headquarters behind him, Ridberg continued, “critics of our spending give us no credit for being on top of the criminal class – I’d say these arrests answer that in full and should finally silence those ingrates.”

The Chief seemed to be about to say more but he was interrupted by his personal trainer and left for his scheduled massage.


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3 responses to “Another triumph for Greenwich police

  1. rid us of ridberg

    his teachers said he was one of the dumbest kids…holds true

  2. Riverside Dog Walker

    You must have missed the story about outraged Hamilton Ave school parents complaining about their swimming program being cut to (a) save money and (b) put more focus on academics in an underachieving school.

  3. worldPatriot

    I hope our local law enforcement “handcuffed”the very dangerous store clerks who sold cigarettes to minors too…. They should also have handcuffed all the minor children wearing very scary customs and weapons on Halloween night , and the campaign volunteers who did NOT pick up their signs the day after elections, and the republicans and democrats who were giving away pamphlets if they were a few inches closer from the voting boots than the 75 feet legal requirement!