Hey, if the NY Times says it’s so it must be true

Get realistic about selling your house. (Hat tip, Dog Walker).

It continues to astonish me that, with 200+ houses facing foreclosure today, sellers with their bank breathing down their neck still keep their asking price too high to achieve a sale – saw some on open house tour this morning, in fact.


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2 responses to “Hey, if the NY Times says it’s so it must be true

  1. Dorothy from Kansas

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    You should be honored by the New York Times doing your thing, with some of your lines, too.

  2. Anonymous

    They are scamming the system. Staying as long as they can in the house rent free. Why should they lower the price to a point at which it sells and they walk away from the sale with next to nothing or nothing at all?! Might as well live there free of charge as long as they can, no?