Just one word to Yankees fans



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9 responses to “Just one word to Yankees fans

  1. Anonymous

    is 2004 a word?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s an entire universe, encompassing redemption, vengence, even forgiveness for Bucky Dent.

  2. JD

    I am always amazed (and grossed out) when I discover another Red Sawx fan in Fairfield County. Three hours from Fenway vs 25 minutes to Yankee Stadium – Greenwich is Yankee country!

    • christopherfountain

      I grew up a Yankees fan, JD, but went to BC in 1974-76 era when Yaz, Rice, Freddy lynn, Spaceman Lee, etc were playing – cheap bleacher seats, cold beer, what wasn’t to love? And Pudge Fisk’s home run in the sixth game, of course.
      When I returned to Greenwich it was CBS and then Steinbrenner as owners – ugh.
      But I do think Jeter is a pretty cool guy.

  3. FlyAngler

    Always the curmudgeon!

  4. The Duke of Deceptiom

    Chris — what a loser you are. The Duke went to BU, 74-78, and managed to remain true to his team, and not roll over. How many WS did Yaz, Rice (a jerk), Lynn (great player for about 5 years), Lee ( a jerk and nuts) and Fisk (jerk) win?

    Here’s the Duke’s word for you — 27.

    (Trivia question: Name the last major league team to integrate. Hint: Tom Yawkey was a notorious rascist)

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    What does 2004 mean? Oh. The year you saw your last commission check. I would take the 5 Filly’s to the parade tomorrow, but the Mounted cops keep hitting on them.
    Your Pal,

  6. greenmtnpunter

    The Sox won 2 World Series in 4 straight and humiliated the Yankees on the way…..that was great for the hubris- breathing pin stripers from the Bronx….. The Yankees still suck, will always suck, forever and ever, world without (Yankees) end….