Muslim shooter kills twelve fellow soldiers

This isn’t going to do much for CAIR and its campaign against profiling musslemen.


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6 responses to “Muslim shooter kills twelve fellow soldiers

  1. Mazama

    Within 24-hours CAIR will be moaning and groaning about how fearful Muslims are that people will hold them accountable. Remember: no matter what atrocity a Muslim perpetrates the Muslims are – in their view – the true victims of the situation.

  2. The Word

    What??!! You mean electing a towelhead named Hussein and having him apologize to the other camel jockeys and scrape and grovel before the Saudi king didn’t make them stop hating us??

    I mean, it’s like their religion compels them to want to kill us or something. Who’d a thunk it?

  3. Arouet

    Are White Christian males the true victims of the Timothy McVeigh situation?

  4. Anonymous

    They’re fighting the hundred year war, and they know it.

    Our leadership and media are either clueless, in denial, or complicit in the jihad.

    12 dead. 31 wounded. minimum 43 shots. with a standard issue beretta 92, a single shooter would have reloaded twice at a minimum, 3 magazines minimum.

    CAIR is laughing with glee, and contributing to and lobbying Congress as usual.

  5. Anonymous

    according to the mainstream media, the jihadist is always the victim.

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