One new listing

97 Shore Road

97 Shore Rd Old Greenwich

This is a nice older house with a great front yard but not much in back (could describe some women I know) that came on today for $3.195. That’s not crazy, because the sellers bought it in 2006 for $2.950 in a bidding war (listing price was $2.895). My personal opinion is that I liked the house better when it was sold in 2004 as an untouched older home for $1.695. I didn’t like the renovations that it underwent and certainly nothing done to it then justified its $1.3 million markup two years later.

But there it is. Assessment is $1.915.


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4 responses to “One new listing

  1. Stanwich

    $3.2 m and you don’t even get cedar or slate roof?

    Did they add on or was it simply renovation of existing space?

  2. Anonymous

    Celebrity premium? Owner is ex-NY Ranger Michael Nylander.

  3. Anthony Fountain

    Anonymous: hockey, right?