Open House Thursday – another bust

Two new listings, both wildly overpriced, and a spattering of retreads. And that’s it. St. Barts beckons but then again, NY State deer season opens November 21st. Take your pick.


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8 responses to “Open House Thursday – another bust

  1. Stanwich

    Since you don’t have anything of note to talk about (at least in real estate), why don’t you go retail? You see that Jos A Bank opened in Chimblo’s Cos Cob shopping center…..weird location for a national retail chain. What about the upgrading of retail across the street? It must be all those banks in Cos Cob doing some community lending.

  2. Kim

    Hi Chris
    What do you think of 15 Montgomery Lane? I am considering upgrading my digs to get off busy Stanwich rd and would like to be on a cul de sac. The price seems ridiculous given recent comps and the declining asking price of the house next door. What do you think it is worth – around $2MM? Also what do you think of the quality of the reno? The house looks in need of paint but overall seems pretty nice. thanks for your insight.

    • christopherfountain

      Why not wait until Tsoi’s place (36) goes through foreclosure or, better yet, cut a direct deal with Patriot Bank? Land on the street seems to be worth what, ,aybe $950 per lot? Don’t see how 15, assessed for $1.5, could command $2.9. And especially if 36 goes at a bargain rate.

  3. Jane

    Are you ignoring me? Where are the new listings? I don’t want to wait for my paper tomorrow.

    • christopherfountain

      There are no new listings, Jane – nothing’s selling, nothing’s going to contract, nothing’s coming on, nothing! I’m going hunting, to hell with it (after a couple of closings next week).

  4. Anonymous

    Kim, #15 Montgomery- in regards to needing a paint job- Have you seen the inside? Every room needs to be re-painted!! Reminds me a little of Braverman’s. This house is not worth anywhere near 2.9 Maybe if you are a tennis fanatic it would be worth 1.9 The court takes up the whole back yard! Anyway I would think twice before buying on Mongomery.

  5. Anonymous

    Anon at 4.36
    Tell me why you would think twice about buying on Montgomery?
    What don’t I know yet?