Still has a package of Zig Zags under the seat, I bet

65 vw1965 VW bus stolen 35 years ago discovered in shipment destined for Holland.Allstate paid $2,500 loss back then, it’s in mint condition and worth $25,000 now, so the insurer wants it back.

Must have been a hell of a party, dude.

(h/t: Norwich Millionaire)


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4 responses to “Still has a package of Zig Zags under the seat, I bet

  1. Old School Grump

    I read the link (hey, maybe those were my Zig Zags), and loved this:

    “The vehicle identification number of the blue-and-white bus, which was swiped from a repair shop in Spokane on July 12, 1974, was still in police computers.”

    That is just too weird to go unremarked. What are the odds that ANY piece of information in a municipal computer database from 35 years ago would be readily retrievable today? If anyone can ‘splain this I would appreciate hearing it.

  2. alberto cortina

    Does this guy still consider andres a friend?

  3. anon

    To old school grump – I assume the city manually entered historical cases from paper files. The information was most likely first entered into the computer system well after 1974.

  4. Old School Grump

    anon at 7:28: Oh. Makes sense. Thanks.