You wanted the job, you big cry baby, now do it

One year on, Obama the Magnificent is still whining that “it’s all Bush’s fault! He messed up the room and now I have to clean it up all by myself and it’s just not fair“.

Look – I never thought he was up to the job so his pathetic failure doesn’t change my opinion of the man one whit. But aren’t you Lexus owners with the Hope and Change stickers beginning to have qualms? Or, to put it in terms Greenwichites can understand, if this guy had been brought in as CEO a year ago to rescue a failing company and he was still wringing his hands and pissing his pants while moaning about the difficulties left him by his predecessor, would you be long or short the stock?


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15 responses to “You wanted the job, you big cry baby, now do it

  1. mak

    Oh so you think it should be all cleaned up now, huh.

    At times, I’ve thought you were funny. Then there are those times when I think you’re a sexist pig. Now, I just think you’re an idiot.

  2. Walt

    Mac –
    Two first strikes, but then you got it right!! And he is a loser as well!! But he is our idiot and loser.
    Your Pal,

  3. Mazama

    Obama inherited big ears.

    But he didn’t inherit his current situation. He chose to fight for the chance to “clean up the mess”. Now that he’s not up to the job he decides that somehow blaming Bush will work.

    Amazingly, to cite just one example, 18 months ago Obama kept saying he knew exactly how to deal with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now he needs more time to figure it out and while he diddles the jihad comes to Texas. More amazingly he doesn’t seem to understand how small his incessant whining about Bush, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News makes him look.

  4. Brian

    Mak – You don’t get it. Obama has not delivered on one promise he made during the campaign. He can’t make a decision because he’s like a deer in headlights due to the fact he is now privy to information as president he didn’t have access to before. He calls it, “just wanting to make an informed decision” but problem is he’ll get run over before he pulls the trigger.

  5. Arouet

    I actually work for a very large organization that was really screwed up by a former CEO. The new CEO is still cleaning up the mess, and he took over two years ago. It’s crazy to assume 8 years of unnecessary risk and missed opportunity can be put right in less than 30 months, much less 10. Obama may indeed turn out to be a disaster, but it’s irrational to reach any conclusions after this short time.

  6. Mazama

    “Obama may indeed turn out to be a disaster, but it’s irrational to reach any conclusions after this short time.”

    It was Obama who sat the bar high and promised throughout 2008 how much he would accomplish in 100 days much less 10 months. Now you’re that was all “just talk.” His worshipers don’t remember it that way.

  7. Anonymous

    Barry has been consistent about lying. He’s already a disaster.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    The current situation is beyond complicated and bigger than Obama ever imagined. So he can’t change the world in a few months. We knew that. Everybody knew that. So, move on to another topic Chris. If we wanted to rant about this we have right wing talk radio. Here is my career advice…Carve out a niche…GREENWICH. Otherwise, yawn…

  9. Just the facts!

    I can’t get over people defending “O” the Magnificent. This guy hasn’t even been tested yet. All of his criticisms have been drawn from self-created messes…misguided stimulus packages, ObamaCare, weak dollar policies, etc. Bush was handed a worse pile of sh*t politically speaking after the rah rah Clinton Years. The economy was in the toilet, Wall St. was collapsing from the boom, military ships (USS Cole) and embassies were being attacked and suicide bombing hit our shores in D.C. and NY for the first time in history. Sorry “O” lovers, whining about self-created messes is not leadership. Please check your facts….the economy and the stock market tanked when Obama won the Democratic nomination and the Dems hijacked the bailout money earmarked to supply necessary liquidity to support the banking system. I fear when this administration is truly tested we’re in for a big surprise. I’m not the biggest Bush fan but Obama’s ribbing by political pundits is well-deserved. And if he is not careful he will be lame-ducked by ’10. We can only hope.

  10. Hahhaha

    Easy to criticize when the minority party is fully out of ideas (beyond “God will save us”, “Amurica is the best”, “Throw out the illegals and liberals”).

    Lets be honest (or at least slightly creative) rather than regurgitating the tired Glen Beck and hate radio BS.

    The $700b stimulus was passed into law under Bush. You do realize the epic sums of cash that Bush and Obama both funneled into the financial system. Money FAR FAR in excess of the earmark projects meant to give people work.

    The fact is that the fiscal situation is where it is right now because Bush and the Republican congress had zero fiscal control. Those 6 years of economic expansion should have been used reign in rampant deficit spending so that defecits could be used to support the economy when the economy turns. This is econ 101 stuff. The supposed Republican fiscal conservatives are nothing of the sort. They just like blowing cash on other pet projects like occupying Iraq.

    Like it or not, Democrats were elected with a mandate to reform the countries health care system. There is an impact to losing in a landslide election – Republicans lose control of the policy mandate. Maybe you ought to face that fact instead of whining about the policies that Obama and the congress were elected to institute. There’s been ample opportunity for Republicans to take part in shaping policy — they just seem content to obstruct/distract/incite rather than do their jobs.

    And how exactly was Bush handed a worse pile of “Sh*t” than Obama. Laughable. Bush is 100% accountable for the terrorist attacks in 2001 – he was in office for 10 months at that time. Happened on his watch, period. As best I recall, the economic implosion also happened on Bush’s watch. He did nothing until it was too late. Might as well have been reading books to an elementary school class during 2007 & 2008 (just like he did on 9/11).

    Bush was an idiot that made impulsive decisions. I have no issue with having an introspective President that will question his past judgements and reformulate opinions as events occur.

    Is Obama perfect? No. Nobody is perfect. These problems will take years – maybe decades – to fully resolve. A legitimate opposition has *IDEAS*. How about coming up with some for once.

  11. Anonymous

    2 incredibly costly wars and the mortgage brokers ran wild…..what do you expect..a surplus??…The Chinese now own half our debt..but, thank god they sell us so much shit they would be crazy to exterminate us…they need us as much as we need them……It took two horrible Presidents (16 years) to get us to this bad place…give The O man a chance…its only been 10 months!!! For christ sake!…

  12. Pinzgauer

    A chance for what? Turning the Constitution upside down and changing the Republic into Socialism? No thank you.
    Did all the liberal posters here forget what really got the ball rolling? Think “every American deserves a house” even if they would never get a mortgage unless mandated by the Feds. ..,, and who again was the fella who swore up and down that Fanny and Freddy were doing great when Bush and McCaine called the whistle?
    Hmmmmm ……

  13. Regular Guy

    The “great O”, Fool or Fraud?? That is the question!!