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Well, that’s alright then.

Queens woman: “I cut off dad’s penis and burned it but I didn’t want him to die.”

As Ms. Bobbet might suggest, try a little tenderizer.

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As long as we have stupid rich people the smart will prosper

“Dry Basement” company cashing in on swine flu panic, charging up to $2,000 to “disinfect” houses with unproven “all natural” thyme oil spray. God bless them – people dumb enough to pay for this don’t deserve to keep their money.

Since the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, Brookfield-based American Dry Basement Systems never has been busier disinfecting homes and businesses with a botanical agent.

“We’re buying it by the pallet load, which is hundreds of gallons at a time,” said Peter O’Shay, founder of American Dry Basement Systems and MoldPro. “It kills all bacteria, germs and influenza.”

American Dry Basement, which has been using a proprietary thyme oil-based liquid made to remove mold, has been getting more calls to use it to sanitize buildings, O’Shea said.

“If we’re out for waterproofing, people also ask about the disinfectant,” said O’Shea, who employs about 100 workers to cover southern New England. “We’re getting about 40 calls a day and are doing about 20 homes a week.”

His business is also getting requests to disinfect commercial buildings, such as a large hotel in southern Connecticut, and is in the process of cleaning several buildings at the University of Bridgeport, O’Shea said.

“We’re getting calls from schools all over the place,” he said.

A major advantage of the liquid is that it has no harmful chemicals and does not have to be wiped off of surfaces, as required of more toxic treatments by the Environmental Protection Agency, O’Shea said.

“This is completely green,” he said. “You can drink it.”

Costs range from $200 to $2,000 to disinfect a house, O’Shea said.

So, what can we find out about this company? Customer reviews range from awful to okay. As for “thyme oil”, there are lots of whole earthy sites touting its benefits as an aromatherapy aid, and even a disinfectant but I could not find a single scientific study on the latter use – and, just asking here, if “you can drink it” (safely, one assumes) exactly how powerful can it be as a germ killer? The website for this company does say its stuff is “EPA Registered”, but is that like one of those “name your star” scams where the sellers promise to register your star’s name with the Library of Congress? Sending in a registration form is not the same, it seems to me, as receiving a certification from the EPA that they’ve tested and approved your product as a disinfectant.

I have nothing against this company – it’s doing its part in the natural selection process that separates fools from their money (see, eg, anonymous’ comment below about losers taking the train and “winners’ driving $150,000 Mercedes. He was probably the first customer of Dry Basement). But for heaven’s sake, if you’re really going to spend $2,000 on this quackery, give me a call first; I’ll send over a genuine shaman with dream catchers and love beads and he’ll chase that evil swine flu from your house for, say, fifteen hundred bucks. Such a deal.

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Is the Pray family getting back into the car business?



This was once your father' Oldsmobile

Thieves hit Beemers at Old Greenwich, Riverside train stations, stripping wheels and other good stuff. Greenwich police baffled, suggest walking to the train.

“But wait’ll we release October’s figures on seat belt violation arrests”, GPD Chief David Ridberg vowed. “We’re taking a bite out of crime. And,” he noted, “campaign sign thefts? Absolutely none since Tuesday. Guess we cleared that one up, eh?”



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Tina Pray gets artistic


Tina Pray (right) with Malcolm

Arrested for falsely claiming loss for stolen art work. At 46, the girl is getting a little long in the tooth for youthful hijinks. Newcomers to town won’t remember her father, Malcolm, but he ran Pray Volkswagen (with Perry Blanchard’s father, originally) from the early 1960s and grew it to include Audi, Porsche and a huge swath of real estate on the Post Road before retiring and selling to New Country.

Say, you don’t suppose yesterday’s story about the 1965 VW bus showing up after being stolen 30 years ago ….

Photo credit Fairfieldcountylook.com.


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Finally, the teeth are bared in ObamaKare

Pelosi: buy a $15,000 health insurance policy or go to jail. In fairness to Her Highness, this is a perfectly logical outcome of mandatory health care because  you can’t demand insurers to waive pre-existing conditions, as the bill does, and not make the program mandatory. Otherwise, people will wait to get sick before buying insurance and quit when they’re well, leaving the insurer, government or private, with nothing but services-sucking customers. That’s not affordable under any scheme, socialist or otherwise.

But just because this is logical, I doubt most Americans have focused on it and I don’t believe a majority of them will approve of it – everyone loves a free lunch but lots of folks skip out when the bill arrives. So JimBo Himes and Pelosi’s other minions face a real dilemma tomorrow, assuming the bill comes up for a vote: do Queen Nancy’s bidding and suffer personal catastrophe in 2011 when the voters will have discovered what he’s done to them or tell Nanny to piss off and give up all hope of being awarded a coveted committee seat and a really neat office? Oh what will he do? What will he do?


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Is it time for the Board of Realtors to enforce some standards?

20 Heronvue

Long term rental - maybe

With 280 houses awaiting foreclosure in town, the odds of renting one without being told that you could get tossed out by the foreclosing lender at any time are pretty good – especially because my colleagues don’t like to mention that possibility on their listing sheets. This one at 20 Heronvue is just the latest example. You can buy it for $4.350 million (but don’t offer less – we did, and were met by a stream of profanity that would have made my own Marine Corp Granny blush. We got a better deal up the street, though, so thank you, sir) or, as of today, you can rent it for $12,500 a month and, in the words of its agent Jay Cook, enjoy


You may be comfortable and you may enjoy woodland quietude, but there’s certainly no guarantee of “quiet enjoyment” – the place has a $3.5 million mortgage on it that’s being foreclosed on. That action could be dragged out long enough for you to stay a full year here, or it may not, but wouldn’t you want to know about the possibility of being evicted some “quiet” Saturday morning?

I’m not picking on Jay in particular – there must be dozens of rental offerings on the market right now and none warn of pending foreclosures. But if agents and their brokers won’t disclose it, the Board ought to, because, supposedly, we’re all in this business to be fair and to protect the interests of all parties in a real estate transaction, not just the one paying our fee. Supposedly.

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Fortunately, with no future for journalism, we need not worry about the young’uns at CJR

From InstaPundit:

COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW BLOWS IT: “Some obscure tea-bagging operation”?

Columbia Journalism Review goes after a fellow non-profit news organization, ProPublica, for a ProPublica article on wasteful stimulus spending. Columbia Journalism Review criticizes ProPublica for using a quotation from a spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, which Columbia Journalism Review sneeringly and condescendingly and dismissively and, well, offensively, characterizes as “some obscure tea-bagging operation.” Citizens Against Government Waste has been around since 1984, and its 2007 IRS Form 990 indicates it had revenue and expenses of about $4.4 million, more if you include an affiliated 501(c)4 group. It claims “more than one million members and supporters.” Its directors as of the 2007 Form 990 included Vin Weber, who is a big deal. Its annual “pig book” report is widely covered.

[InstaPundit’s professor Glen Reynolds:] I’m on the CJR spam list, and it seems to me that the quality of work there has fallen notably over the past several years, while the CJR has grown progressively more politicized. That they’ve reached the point of attacking ProPublica — hardly a right-leaning organization itself — is indicative.

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