Architural Review Board Members

Turns out we have eleven (!) architects sitting on this board and shaping our town to their liking. You can find the list here. I only know Paul Pugliese, who I like and, I hear, sided (so to speak) with the building owner. Someone named Dreck, led the charge for aluminum. The other nine, who knows?

My argument is not with these people – they are an advisory board only and essentially toothless, but with the P&Z members who should have thanked the intellectuals for their input and proceeded to ignore them.


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2 responses to “Architural Review Board Members

  1. Cos Cobber

    Just 11? Why not stopy there….why not 158 persons and mirror the RTM. Whew boy that would be a hoot to what 158 Architects vying for the one pencil and ruler in the room.

  2. Stranger