Finally, the teeth are bared in ObamaKare

Pelosi: buy a $15,000 health insurance policy or go to jail. In fairness to Her Highness, this is a perfectly logical outcome of mandatory health care because  you can’t demand insurers to waive pre-existing conditions, as the bill does, and not make the program mandatory. Otherwise, people will wait to get sick before buying insurance and quit when they’re well, leaving the insurer, government or private, with nothing but services-sucking customers. That’s not affordable under any scheme, socialist or otherwise.

But just because this is logical, I doubt most Americans have focused on it and I don’t believe a majority of them will approve of it – everyone loves a free lunch but lots of folks skip out when the bill arrives. So JimBo Himes and Pelosi’s other minions face a real dilemma tomorrow, assuming the bill comes up for a vote: do Queen Nancy’s bidding and suffer personal catastrophe in 2011 when the voters will have discovered what he’s done to them or tell Nanny to piss off and give up all hope of being awarded a coveted committee seat and a really neat office? Oh what will he do? What will he do?


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2 responses to “Finally, the teeth are bared in ObamaKare

  1. Anonymous

    An unconstitutional requirement to buy health insurance or suffer a $250,000 fine and a 5 year prison sentence is an Intolerable Act from wicked Queen Nancy and her pageboy Jimmie Himes. (The original Intolerable Acts were recommended by British Prime Minister Lord North and passed by Parliament in 1774; they lead to kerfuffle at Lexington and Concord, MA the following spring).

    This past Thursday, at the anti-Pelosi bill protest on the Capitol steps, the Capitol police were edgy, aggressive, and highly armed with M4s, especially given the peaceful nature of the protest.

    Dozens of snipers were deployed on the roof wings of the Capital building and elsewhere. Queen Nancy and Imperial Barry ordered Americans to put other Americans in the crosshairs.

    During the protest, an ambulance came roaring down the street, screeched to a halt, and the most muscled, best dressed EMTs in all of America came running out of the ambulance, carrying their gear inside their coats. They charged into the Cannon/Rayburn buildings (offices of the Reps). When did EMTs start carrying their gear inside their coats? When did EMTs start carrying sub-machine guns?

    Minutes later “the EMTs” and the Capitol Police came out roughly carrying a number of folks including a 90 year old priest in a collar. These folks were brutally thrown into the ambulance. It turns out, they were the small group protesting the inclusion of abortion funding in Queen Nancy’s abomination of a “health-care” bill.

    The building was declared a crime scene and therefore closed. Other Capitol Police started moving aggressively through the crowd with flex-ties.

    Queen Nancy, Imperial Barry, and their statist minions including Cos Cobber Jimmie Himes, are playing by Serbian rules, ordering snipers on ordinary Americans. The corollary to the Serbian rule is that the number of snipers is an indication of how fearful they are. Apparently, they are very afraid.

    What is happening to our once great republic?

  2. '73Refugee

    I’ll have some more tea, thank you very much.