Follow up on the idiot

As of close of business today it looks as though the closing scheduled for today and sabotaged by a professional Realtor (capitalized and trademarked, if you please) has somehow survived his best efforts and will go forward Tuesday. If so, this delay will only cause interest to accrue at $985 a day for five more days, money that will go to the lender, not the agent’s client. D’uh.

I’m still at a loss to explain what dim circuit lighted up this fellow’s neurons and caused him to use a contractual condition that was of no concern to the buyer, the seller or either party’s lawyers to screw up the deal. He can’t explain it or won’t, and has retreated into radio silence, I hope from embarrassment.

I’m reminded of a kid I grew up with here in town who seemed to have had a few chromosomes go astray during gestation. He was a little slow – alright, a lot of slow – and as I watched him fail at job after job through the years I worried about him, until his mother, a local politician, arranged for a town job for him just before her own death. Now I see him around town clearing clogged storm drains and raking leaves and I’m glad – another ten years in the cold and he can retire with a pension and not spend his declining years sharing a cardboard box with me.

So I am not angry with this poor, befuddled guy who can’t sell real estate. I understand his handicap and I sympathize. In fact, I hope he too has a politically connected mommy who can take care of his future. He’s going to need it.


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2 responses to “Follow up on the idiot

  1. pulled up in OG

    The rifle and the tag are both handy, eh?

  2. Al Johnson

    Ooh, Chris, that’s too delicious a morsel to tempt us with, without telling us more of the story. Please, please….