Idiot wind

Sitting in the office today watching a very stupid colleague screw up a scheduled closing because he has apparently decided to act as his client’s (second) lawyer. I have nothing against stupidity – I practice it myself every day – but to see a blundering moron confuse his role with that of a real lawyer is frustrating. Especially so when this latest fumbling comes after two months of the same behavior, where the fellow, trying to “advocate for his client”, has put obstacle after obstacle in the way of the deal, thwarting his client’s best interests and costing everyone (including me, hence my pique) a ton of money, all for, at best, a false illusion that he is an important person.

I am often asked by non-realtors whether they can make money in this business. My answer is, come on in. The level of competition is so appallingly low that an IQ over 85 confers an automatic edge. Of course, you have to deal with drooling idiots like this fellow, but what can you do?


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8 responses to “Idiot wind

  1. xyzzy

    I thought there were just two of you in the office…..

  2. Anon E. Moose

    xyz, I take ‘colleague’ to mean member of the profession, i.e., ‘opposing counsel’ so to speak. Learned bretheren indeed.

    CF, being frustrated with my current situation of late, I’d love to take you up on the invitation. However, I percieve that ‘abandon all morality ye who enter’ is clearly written on the wall if one is to be successful and not make oneself a pariah among peers.

  3. xyzzy

    Ahh.. I’m slow today, or everyday….

  4. J

    I have many a time witnessed the over zealousness of brokers kill deals.

    I truly believe that prior to the closing, these same brokers have their commission money already spent in their head.

    When will they ever learn?

  5. Cal

    Great song by Bob Dylan.

  6. JimP

    I’m guessing the wannabe Perry Mason is unfamiliar with your blog.

    That alone is grounds for stupidity!

  7. Anonymous

    ” and it’s only people’s games that you have to dodge”……