If houses aren’t moving, agents are

Next to soothing angry sellers whose houses won’t sell, a real estate branch manager’s most important task is poaching agents from competitors. Less money for the competitor, more money for the manager and his  or her employer. That’s the theory, anyway – in actuality, the agents they persuade to jump ship are rarely top performers so I wonder what’s really accomplished by this elaborate game of musical chairs.

Nonetheless, today’s “Green Sheet ” from the Greenwich Board of Realtors shows that Coldwell Banker’s manager has been plying the coffee shops and raided three agents from Weikert. That’s nice for the agents: they’ll finally have access to a color copier – but I’d guess it won’t have any permanent, life-changing effect on them, Weikert or CB. But “CB moves,” it likes to say, so there they go.

Here’s a video of the process.


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5 responses to “If houses aren’t moving, agents are

  1. KC

    That sad video will probably give some environmentalists an idea or two.

  2. Hiram

    You’re in the business and you don’t know how to spell “Weichert”?

  3. Anonymous

    Hiramy boy,

    Chris don’t know how to spell demmokerat eeevr.
    You nevr complain bout dhatt before.

    Wickert, Weechert. All sound Deutsch to moi.
    Get a life baby.

  4. All kidding aside what we are seeing here in Darien is not some 1960’short.Its conolidation among previously top firms.
    Both of the top firms here in town have been in the pastprivately owned.One was aquired by Halstead and the other is hanging on but by a thread owing to many agents jumping ship. A town of
    half a dozen top players will,without a real uptick in business likely twindle to three or so with at least one of those on life support.This has everything to do with survival of the fittest with is Darwin not Disney.