This can’t be good news

Unemployment jumps to 10.2%. Real unemployment (discouraged workers, involuntary part-timers) is 17.5%. When 20% of a country’s workforce is unemployed or under-employed, I think Italy, not the United States.


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2 responses to “This can’t be good news

  1. Anonymous

    Big deal; top 1% of taxpayers effectively subsidize these skill-free jobless (don’t know how to read or count; don’t like to work hard (against union rules); have 3 kids and 3 dogs to support; and are obese/diabetic/hypertensive and need plenty of “free” healthcare)

    Aren’t $100K/yr government jobs perfect for the skill-free, lazy crowd?

  2. HG

    I believe the death panel jobs will pay more than $100,000