Tina Pray gets artistic


Tina Pray (right) with Malcolm

Arrested for falsely claiming loss for stolen art work. At 46, the girl is getting a little long in the tooth for youthful hijinks. Newcomers to town won’t remember her father, Malcolm, but he ran Pray Volkswagen (with Perry Blanchard’s father, originally) from the early 1960s and grew it to include Audi, Porsche and a huge swath of real estate on the Post Road before retiring and selling to New Country.

Say, you don’t suppose yesterday’s story about the 1965 VW bus showing up after being stolen 30 years ago ….

Photo credit Fairfieldcountylook.com.


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22 responses to “Tina Pray gets artistic

  1. pulled up in OG

    Old man Ford’s lucky he didn’t get snuffed for the house.

  2. just_looking

    All right, might as well pile on… back in 2005 we have the following: Natasha Gagne, 41, of 6 Stan-wich Lane, was arrested on July 13 after punching a Greenwich Hospital security officer. Gagne was being treated in the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Room for an injury sustained during a fall. She became uncooperative and attempted to leave the hospital, at which time security personnel tried to restrain her. Gagne then punched a security officer in the eye, police reported. Gagne was charged with breach of peace and released on a promise to appear in court on July 20.

  3. Hu Nhu?

    pulled up in OG certainly has her pegged.

  4. Reader

    Okay, lay off the Pray family. They’ve had enough death, divorce and sadness the past 3 decades. We don’t need to make fun of then.

    • christopherfountain

      It’s on the front page of the Greenwich Time, Reader. I’d suggest that if Miss Pray wants to avoid shaming her father, she lay off the sauce and stop stealing. That’s under her control, not mine or anyone else’s.

  5. Jane

    This is probably the third or fourth time she has made the police blotter. And she has small children! You would think she might want to behave herself a bit better.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    She is a wild cat, that one. Not one bit of shame either. (Might be Walt’s cup of tea?….)

  7. dogwalker

    Nobody’s making fun of the Pray family, Reader. Just one member of it. And I believe it is quite widely recognized that, in this case, the apple flew far from the tree.

  8. nov 12

    she is supposed to appear in court nov 12..hey, bourke shows up in a NY court same day..go figure.

  9. Jane

    And might I remind the whole FWIW family, there are two other daughters (sadly a deceased son) who can keep it together? They are lovely people, and the sister is not.

  10. Mic

    This town and its lust for money and power. Dad was no saint either. Too bad Tina had to chase it as well.

  11. Peeps

    I heard Lilly is working for a fire department in Boulder – She always was a casual, cool, and fun girl.

    I used to look up to Tina because she seemed to have it all. I’m sorry to see this has happened and just chalk it up to the sauce.

    The three Pray girls were nice to me when I knew them years back.

    I hope she can improve herself for all of their sake. When she’s mentally healthy, she does a lot of good for others.

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Yep, she’s a regular Mother Theresa, Peeps…

  13. Peeps

    Remember that there’s some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us.

    Those who would never dream of doing something so low haven’t completed their lives yet, so you don’t know what lies in store for your own behavior.

    Also, there is such an awareness of how bad drinking and driving is, that people forget that without even driving, alcohol corrodes your judgement and general morals in all parts of your life. In Greenwhich, you also have the current story of the ex-Navy swimmer who beat up a cab driver in a fare dispute and then tried to commit suicide. Driving wasn’t involved, but this guy trashed his life due to booze, without committing DUI.
    People don’t know what lays in their own futures, and it may sound like Puritanical lecturing about “demon alcohol”, but I think all those fundraisers, art openings, wine tastings, etc, can slowly erode character, or make it so you can’t make an honest living through your own hard work, and you wouldn’t even know what you’ve done to yourself.
    I think the nasty comments could lead to actions similar to Adrian Rawn’s, and people should just let the legal system take it’s course. Chit happens. Let people deal with it.
    She used to seem like a hard worker whan they had that Sports Club. Some people don’t do well with time on their hands.
    I don’t know the Prays at all anymore, but hope they all do OK. I used to really envy Tina.

  14. Speedster

    Let us not forget that Tina’s late mother Bunny shot Malcolm in the posterior “by accident” at the Round Hill Road house in ’62 or ’63. And Malcolm’s original partner was Harry Blanchard, who was not Perry’s father (Kim) but uncle.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    He was a class act not to press charges. Sometimes, a man just deserves to be shot and he had the wherewithall to realize that. If you are lucky enough to hear the story first hand, it is quite entertaining!

  16. OG Carp

    Her father was a drunk; she probably was endowed with a genetic predisposition to drink, but she has never taken advantage of the time and opportunities to do something about her situation. Also, to replier Peeps, my wife and I go to plenty of “fundraisers, art openings, wine tastings, etc.” and seem to do fine. Stop making alcohol the “devil.”

    • christopherfountain

      Alcohol is certainly not the devil, OG, but when it takes control, either you give it up or you go down in flames. I don’t know this sad woman but it appears that she would benefit from giving it up.

  17. What painting was this and was she selling off lots of stuff and just forgot?

  18. Peeps

    Right – I think that if she brought in a load of stuff to auction off, it’s possible she forgot about it. If it was that one Victor De Grailly painting, then it would be hard to forget.
    A few years back, when I moved to a smaller place, I dropped a pile of framed paintings off at a sibling’s house so they could decorate their many bare walls. Then we had a falling out for 3 years. Now we’re back communicating, but for those 3 years, I had trouble remembering which paintings are in a storage unit, which are in a basement, and which I delivered to my sibling. If I only lent her one, I’d remember it for sure.
    But the rich are sure different from you or me, because no pieces of my collection come anywhere near $17,000, so if they are ruined or swiped, you won’t hear about it in the papers.
    It would be fun to be rich, but then your problems are magnified and scrutinized by strangers.
    I think that much f this case will depend on how many things she auctioned at the time.
    Replacing paintings with another when one goes is normal, because you need to cover the faded wall and hanger marks

  19. A1

    Tina is being pathetically very disrespectful to her deceased mother’s second husband, Richard Ford. He and his dying wife obviously made arrangements for him to have life rights to whatever they had shared in their comitted marriage, their home and all the belongs in it. You would think that with her mother gone Tina would want to continue the loving, supportive relationship she had with him, which she apparently did not have with her biological father, Malcolm Pray. After all, it sound like that is what she really needs, not the money. She’ll be mortified with her behavior if/when she recouperates from this horrible mental state she’s gotten herself into, no thanks to her second husband, Pierre Gagne. I would believe her mother to be rolling in her grave with shame and dissapointment in her little girl. I wish this kind of drama was just in the ‘Soaps.’

  20. Hey Speeedster, you must be in the know. Natasha, the mother, hasn’t been called Bunny in 35 years.
    Tina’s father quit the sauce almost 20 years ago. Back then it was the norm to have over-indulge. Mr. Pray does more for this town in a year than most do in their lifetime. I hear he is working with under privledged kids giving them direction and goals to achieve in life. Now that’s hard work. Getting through to teens to hard. I know as the father of 2.