Barney Frank needs a better class of boyfriend


I'm shocked, shocked!

Barney’s in the news with anther troubled lover, this time involving Barney and friend together in Ogunquit, Maine when the police arrived to bust boyfriend for growing pot. Barney swears he didn’t know what his boy toy was up to, didn’t know nothing about no pot and wouldn’t know the plant if it bite him on his ample rear end. This is just about the same story Barney pitched in 1989 when his former page boy, Steve Gobie, admitted he’d been running a prostitution service while living in Frank’s Georgetown townhouse. (Although Frank did admit, in this case, that Gobie had bitten him on his rear end, numerous times, and he’d paid Gobie to do so).

Could Barney really be so clueless, so out of touch? If so, should he be running our country?


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7 responses to “Barney Frank needs a better class of boyfriend

  1. KC

    I am clearly biased I’m not very fond of Mr. Frank but I think that’s a little beside the point as I was just discussing David Vitter with someone who was saying we don’t have to always respect our decision makers as long as we think they are performing their duties. I understand this idea to a point and I know that it’s wrong to be too judgmental as none of us are perfect but, with all of these caveats, I would be happier if I felt that we were being led by conscientious people with transparent and sincere motives. Please forgive me if I sound naive but I often don’t feel that way and I wish I did.

  2. The Duke of Deceptiom

    What an asshole! (get it?)

  3. Anonymous

    If Queen Elizabeth II became a pot head, would she remain repected enough to receive hugs from Michelle and ipods from Barracky?

    Maybe Barney and friend were deliberately caught in order to raise the debate in favour of legalising a substance which is proven to cause psychosis and brain damage.
    The more damage the better in their opinion?

  4. Fox News: Watch or be watched

    I wish I could claim I came up with that myself, but I heard it on the show “Family Guy.”

    I read this post’s link, to “,” and saw that the arrest occurred in August 2007.

    So … this is NEWS? Obviously not.

    I guess the Fox folks missed getting this salacious tidbit in a more timely fashion because it took two years to get an intern who could spell “Ogunquit” correctly while trolling for anti-gay info on the internet.

    Anyway, as much as I am a 100% advocate of gay marriage rights, Mr. Frank’s assorted sexual misadventures remind me of the benefit of NOT being able to marry your paramour du jour.

    No matter who Mr. Frank wakes up with, under what alarming circumstances, he can rest easy that he is not legally married to this guy, and thus need not share his lavish Congressional perks, sumptuous Congressional pension plan or generous Congressional health insurance benefits with some random boy bimbo. Nor must he assume marital liability when a partner gets in trouble for running, say, a prostitution ring or a marijuana operation. Nor must he be on the hook for any partner’s credit card excesses or bad real estate investment decisions.

    Damn, he’s smart. Homely, but smart.

    — Old School Grump

  5. KC

    I think those afflictions could make his arguments more appealing . . . could be you’ve hit on something.

  6. kidding really?

    This is the guy who runs the House Financial Services Committee. It’s all coming into light how he missed Fannie and Freddie as well 50x leverage by all the banks and brokers.

    Plants?!! WTF Bongs?!! WTF?!! “unfortunate incident”?!! WTF!!!!!

    As Americans we are just as stupid as Barney if we continue to support and elect fucking idiots like this.

  7. Anonymous

    Artist Paul McCarthy’s latest project: “Barney with Butt Plug”