House votes to wreck economy; Republicans add anti-abortion provision

I can sleep tonight.


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8 responses to “House votes to wreck economy; Republicans add anti-abortion provision

  1. Anonymous

    First, we have to dump Himes.

    The coward Himes is hiding behind the federal power of coercion to extort his neighbors, rob his neighbor’s children and all children, to enrich his ACORN and SEIU cronies.

    Down with crony socialism.

    Himes must go.

  2. Anonymous

    The most bipartisan portion of the bill is the opposition.

  3. Reader

    Himes wrote a letter to say he was against the 5% surtax, but then voted for it. Sounds like “I was against the surtax, before I was for it”.

    I derive comfort knowing that come 1/2003 Himes will likely be among those newly unemployed as a byproduct of this massive tax and spending increase.

  4. Anonymous

    Malone Vandam from nearby New Paltz, asks an interesting question:

    “I wonder what would happen if fifty million Americans just got up and started for Washington D.C., by any means necessary, arrived there by car, train, bus, plane, on foot, and went straight to the Capitol, as many entering the building as could fit, and then just tore every stick of furniture out of the two chambers and took it outside and burned it.

    Would the people who made this horror get that? Would they get the hint? “

  5. sw

    And Pelosi hopped back on her private gov’t jet and headed off into the sunset to her $8+mm home in Pacific Heights in San Francisco.. oh and with her OWN health insurance intact.. none of that gov’t stuff for her. Yeah.. she gets it.. she knows what the little people in this country need… she represents the common folk. Oh.. did I mention her 200-acre Napa ranch… does anyone even know how rich this woman is and that this whole thing is nothing more than an EGO trip..??

  6. whatacountry


    there is not going to be a turnaround in 2010 forget 2012/2013. if there was going to be a turnaround you would have seen it on tuesday in the 23rd congressional race and you didn’t

    i hope i am wrong but if 23rd is any indication most people are on board with current admin agenda

  7. KC

    It certainly is a depressing day. It’s hard to see where this will lead us but it’s easy to see a slow loss of personal freedoms and decreasing expectations. And, add to that, a hurricane in the Gulf. Ugh.

  8. Hu Nhu?

    Don’t worry, you are wrong.