As usual, rumors about Greenwich real estate proved accurate and we have a couple of houses, long on the market, that have almost found buyers.

12 Wyckham Hill Road, listed for just $1,999,000 is “pending”. This was a really good deal, I thought, and said so a few months ago. The owner is in a bit of trouble with the law, having dashed an old man down on a parking lot and killed him, and there’s nothing like a distress sale to get those prices reduced to a bargain level – usually – Bernie’s place in Montauk went for above asking.

65 Tomac Avenue, a nice house with no yard, listed for $$4.8 million when it was first built and eventually dropped to $3.595, still an aggressive price, I thought, for a lousy location and lot. But a reader told me last week that she’d heard this was in contract and sure enough, it is. I presume there was some tough negotiating on that asked-for price.

35 Manor Rd

35 Manor Road

And this Old Greenwich bungalow did better than go to contract, it sold, for $745,000, less than the 2008 price of $935,000 but well above its $600,000 assessment. I can already hear Russ Pruner saying, “take that, Fountain!”


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6 responses to “Contracts

  1. Cos Cobber

    Hey CF, is 73 Loughlin under contract?

    • christopherfountain

      Yes, CC, as of October 15th. Andy Healy sold his mommy’s listing, which is really very sweet.

  2. Renting in OG

    Very interested to see where 65 Tomac actually sells. We lowballed them at $2.5MM a few months back… their counter was $3.3MM… I suspect it got done around $3MM – what do you think?

    • christopherfountain

      Maybe $3, renting – it is a nice house, inside. But I like your offer, and if I were tossing bids around on a take-it-or-leave-it offer, I think $2.75 would be my limit.

  3. old young

    cruse of bad genes mr pruner..lose some wt russ, you are a relatively young guy who looks way old..ready for a grave..take all your dollars with you.

  4. GideonFountain

    Goodness you’ve got some “interesting” readers! So few dare to use their real names….it’s a shame.