Going down

49 Willow

49 Willow road

Another price cut for this aging new construction in Riverside, down today to $2.775 from its January 2009 price of $3.695. Why won’t it sell? Well, price, obviously, but it’s got some funky things working against it, too. While it looks beautiful from the outside, the interior layout has disappointed the buyers I’ve shown it to. Upon entering, you have a stairway in front and two rooms, living and dining, left and right, respectively. The living room is entirely cut off from the rest of the house, and feels like a dead-end. The dining room has a pass through to the kitchen but it still feels as terminal as the living room. The back of the first floor is one long passage, stretching from garage (and what’s with that? was the foundation poured wrong?) to a mud room/laundry, then the kitchen and another dead-end room with fireplace. It’s a corridor, and feels it.

Upstairs does not have the four bedrooms claimed on the listing, it has a master and two real bedrooms, plus a FAR – dictated room with no space and a pinched in ceiling, attached to a bathroom larger than the room itself. The room’s okay as a study, I suppose, but who needs a full bath next to a study?

The basement contains another “bedroom” and, assuming you hate your mother-in-law and want her stay to be as brief and as uncomfortable as possible, here’s the spot for her. Otherwise, I think not. And the yard? It’s in front. Nothing behind, but what do you expect with a quarter-acre lot?

At the risk of again offending another spec builder in Riverside, I think this house is still a better deal than yours over there near Lockwood. No back yard here, but you offer swamp, Willow is quiet, you’ve got I-95 and Lockwood rushing past and, dare I say it, even knocking your price down from $4 million, you’re not close to where this one now is. But I know – as you yelled at me while chasing me out of yours, your house is special. How’s that working out?


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6 responses to “Going down

  1. Walt

    Weasel Boy:
    Now here you go. Read this, take off the pampers, stop the whining, put on some big boy pants, and go sell something for Pete’s Sake. You load.
    Your Pal,

  2. Resident

    Sounds like it is a poorly conceived house to begin with. Price is land value + redo. What’s that worth?

  3. Stanwich

    Unfortunately the poor design you describe is a product of stupid far/setback rules. So annoying when regulations ruin a perfectly good house.

  4. Buyer

    I toured this house during an open house & agree with all of your comments. I will give the builder (who is also a realtor) some credit though for great finishes, moldings, and nice kitchen/baths. It’s also a great street. A couple with 2 kids would be very happy there.