Hang on, Tina – help’s on its way (in 25 years)

The Sun, the best source for straight, unbiased news now that the World News is defunct and the New York Times has succumbed to Pinch Disease, reports that a crackpot scientist has come up with a way to get drunk without harmful side effects. It’s just going to take a little time and money so if, say, you have an antique painting just collecting dust in your attic and want to help out a bloomin’ genius, …


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2 responses to “Hang on, Tina – help’s on its way (in 25 years)

  1. Professor “Nutt?” A name change might enhance credibility.

    Other than that, how do I sign up for the clinical trials?

  2. KC

    The Weekly World News is online. Reporting seems to be as reliable as ever.