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A request from Obama

chris —

Last night, your representative, Rep. Jim Himes, cast a courageous vote to help pass comprehensive health reform. After months of debate and decades of false starts, this was the biggest step yet on the path to making real health insurance reform a reality.

But before health reform can become law, it must pass one more time through the House of Representatives. The insurance companies will be throwing everything they can at changing Rep. Himes’s vote for the final round, so it’s crucial that we publicly show that the voters in your district support reform and are counting on Rep. Himes to stand firm.

One of the best ways to help is to write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper thanking Rep. Himes for supporting health reform. Can you write one today?

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Either they’re repealed the laws of economics or day traders are back

Dow up 155 and going higher.  Obviously, not many people down there on Wall Street share my pessimism. And they’re all wealthier than I am, so I suppose I should listen. But I won’t – this can’t last, or socialism really does work, after all. Of course, I said the same thing about the Dot.com boom and though I was right in the long run, an awful lot of people made a lot of money while I sat on the sidelines shaking my head.

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Here’s a phrase that’s not coming your way soon from mainstream media

“Going Muslim”

“Going postal” is a piquant American phrase that describes the phenomenon of violent rage in which a worker–archetypically a postal worker–“snaps” and guns down his colleagues.

As the enormity of the actions of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan sinks in, we must ask whether we are confronting a new phenomenon of violent rage, one we might dub–disconcertingly–“Going Muslim.” This phrase would describe the turn of events where a seemingly integrated Muslim-American–a friendly donut vendor in New York, say, or an officer in the U.S. Army at Fort Hood–discards his apparent integration into American society and elects to vindicate his religion in an act of messianic violence against his fellow Americans. This would appear to be what happened in the case of Maj. Hasan.

Reuters and the Times still refer to terrorists as freedom fighters so I’m not holding my breath on them adopting this term. But we can.


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A sale

292 Davis Ave

292 Davis Avenue

The last unit of this three-unit condominium project on Davis Avenue has sold for $975, a substantial discount from its 2007 price of $1.965 million, but surprisingly close to the other two units’ sales in 2008 of $1.1 and $1.0675, so the builders were surely not disappointed by what this one fetched (its last asking price was $1.060).

All three units are beautifully finished and so I understand their appeal but when Pal Nancy lived on Locust, a block away, back in the late 70’s, she had to avoid this area during her morning commute because the kids at the housing project enjoyed tossing stones at passing cars. I’m sure that’s all changed now, but it left us, at least, with misgivings about the general location that still linger.


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Waiting for a better market

44 Grahampton

44 Grahampton

This house on Grahampton continues to disappoint its owners. Built in 2002 and listed for $6.150 million, it didn’t sell until 2004, for $5.125. The buyers fixed it up to their taste and placed it back up for sale in 2007 at $6.995. The price has dropped since then, all the way to $4.995 (assessment is $4.715) but still no one wants it and today it’s been withdrawn from the market. I like the house, generally, but obviously buyers in this price range don’t. Perhaps spring will see new buyers more susceptible to its charms.


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Still available

160 Bedford

160 Bedford Road

I love this house- a 1930’s classic, with pool, pool house and 8 acres of rolling lawn (a good portion of which I’d plant as a wildflower meadow). It was priced at $5.3 million in 2004 and took three years to sell, for just $3.3 million. The buyers then returned it to the market a few months later, pretty much unchanged, but place its price back at $5.295, a puzzling strategy that hasn’t produced the hoped-for result. Today it’s continued its return to earth with a new price of $3.195. Assessment is low $2s, which seems too low, but somewhere between there’s a fabulous buy here.


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This won’t make the neighbors happy

8 sherwood

8 Sherwood Farm

8 Sherwood Farm Lane – built new in 2006, listed for $5.8 million in 2007, sold Friday for $3.8 million. That’s above its assessment of $3.2 but still cold comfort to everyone else in that development who paid $6 million for his own home. Oops.


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A man big enough to admit his mistakes

NBA star Allen Iverson has cut the price of his Mainline, PA home to 65% what he paid for it in 2003.

Perennial NBA All-Star Allen Iverson has trimmed the price of his Philadelphia-area home again, this time to $3.25 million—35% less than the $5 million he paid for it in 2003.

Mr. Iverson, 34, originally listed his home for $6.3 million after the Philadelphia 76ers traded him to the Denver Nuggets in 2006. The guard has since been traded to the Detroit Pistons and, this season, signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. The 14,000-square-foot, four-story home is in Villanova, part of the Main Line area, and has six bedrooms, a movie theater and a guest suite. A closet in the master suite has space for 500 pairs of shoes. The four-acre property has a pool house, and a stream runs through it.

Mr. Iverson put the home on the market in 2007 and cut the price by 37% the following year.

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Will history repeat itself?

44 sumner

44 Sumner Road

This house on Sumner Road (way up Round Hill Road) was listed for $2.195back in 1994 and stayed four years on the market before finally selling for $1.350 in 1998. The buyers fixed it up in 1999 and placed it back up for sale this spring at $2.395 million. Today they’ve reduced it to $2.149.

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Obama: Missing in Action

Germany marked the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall today and our president chose not to attend the ceremony. The Messiah isn’t too busy to fly with 500 of his people to receive his gong in Oslo later this year, but that’s about him, which is different.

But I suspect there’s more going on here than just an egotistical man who won’t play with others; I believe Obama and his advisors just don’t get it. They don’t believe that Communism is bad, so what’s to celebrate about people breaking free from its crushing hands? It’s a non-event to the folks occupying the White House as they strive to socialize our own country. Freedom from the government is an oxymoron – freedom is government, which is why Obama is not in Berlin and why young Iranians will soon learn, to their bitter disappointment, that “Obama is the One” is a sad mistranslation of his name.

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