Beating the assessment

347 Sound Beach

347 Sound Beach

This house was new in 2002, sold for $3.075 in ’03, sold again for $4.160 in ’05 and sold yet again yesterday for $3.7 million. So that’s not too bad, and the assessment (70% of 2005 value) is just $2.509.

Sound Beach Avenue is a little busy for my taste but this is a very nice house and for ease of getting to the beach, the train, Old Greenwich Village and the school, it can’t be beat.


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13 responses to “Beating the assessment

  1. Anonymous

    This original design and construction by Architect David Mooney figured in litigation between architects, when its close twin appeared around the corner with plans submitted by a different architect in Town.

    It was alleged that the Town Building Dept allowed plans to be borrowed and submitted for an altogether different project, a case with ramifications for any design professional filing for building permits.

    Glad to see the house has held its value. But how was the case resolved?

  2. JJ

    Heard the case was dropped when it came out that Mooney used a photo of a Dick Cheney owned home as the basis for this house.

  3. Observer


    Surely you don’t refer to the official residence of the Vice President:

    Naval Observatory Residence erased in Google Earth

  4. Always found something very appealing about this house. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is though.

  5. plover

    looks awful

  6. plover

    how many turrets do you need?

  7. Agree Plover, when you break out the individual components like those turrets/dormers it’s quite horrendous. But, it does have great curb appeal as a package.

  8. Observer

    And Cheney only had two, with two dormers to boot.

    This four million dollar gem needed four to be worth the price.

  9. Cal

    (to Anon, 11:55 a.m.)

    I didn’t realize Joe Biden was an architect.