Maybe those bonuses will save the season after all

A couple of significant contracts already reported today. 21 Guinea Road, listed for $8.950 in September, has found a buyer and, judging from the short length of time it spent on the market, I assume it’s a close-to-asking offer.

The same can’t be said for 188 Otter Rock in Belle Haven, which has been sitting around unwanted since 2007, but its asking price of $6.750 probably had something to do with that. The seller finally knocked a couple of million off his price, down to $4.7, and went to contract November 3rd (but reported today). See how that works? Try it.


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4 responses to “Maybe those bonuses will save the season after all

  1. Cos Cobber

    For all that money on Guinea Road, do you get an option to change the street name?

  2. Stump

    I don’t think (and I hope I’m right) “guinea” has bad connotations in the minds of many nowadays. It seems a relic. I will say, however, that address is at a very dangerous curve in the street.

  3. jj

    Was the recent swift 292 Davis sale for real or a fake one to boost buyers’ morale? I suppose someone with cash and a little negotiation skills could do much better.