No open houses of note

This is getting a tad depressing. Open house tour days are a great time for trading gossip with other agents, hearing what’s selling and what’s not, what might be coming on, what might have a sale, etc.  It’s useful, in other words. But the dead market means there is no point going out most days, today being just such an example. A bunch of tired old listings with prices still lodged uncomfortably high up the seller’s er, …, a few new listings priced at unrealistic levels and that’s it. I have other things to keep me occupied today, fortunately, but I’m beginning to miss these twice-weekly outings. Off for coffee.


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6 responses to “No open houses of note

  1. Seems you guys are starting to miss the good oul days of new builder specs coming on weekly!

    Maybe time to get back into this game, hey?

    Lets say a nice new tastefully executed 5,000/5,500 sf on club rd, Indian head or Shore rd and Tomac corner (I lot removed).

    • christopherfountain

      Duff, if you can get good land at a reasonable price, your time approaches. We’re mostly down to spec jobs on marginal lots – appealing only for a bargain price and nothing else.

  2. anonymous

    Duff, please build some quality spec homes on good lots! I think if someone were to build a 5500 square foot home on a good lot in a good neighborhood, that house would sell for a higher profit margin than a 10,000 square foot home on that same lot. The problem is builders still think people want the most square footage possible. In reality, no one wants to pay more for upkeep and heating than they did to buy the house in the first place. We would much rather have a backyard. If you build, we are interested!

  3. I completely agree with your assessments, Chris and anonymous.

    Now , if the banks would just take their head out of the sand and realize that there are opportunities to still lend to builders that are responsible and build to market conditions/needs and not their own inflated egos.

    But, unfortunately it’s all or nothing with these institutions.

  4. Anonymous

    What do you like these days? Where are the bargains?