Selling rope to the hangman


Mr Free Markets Lynching Tree 2

Rope provided by SAC

Isn’t this delicious. In searching the web for information about a Mark Adams, the latest SAC employee to be sucked into the inside trading scandal, I came across this link of political contributions made by SAC  folks: Stevie hisself, plus all sorts of dummies living in Greenwich, all of whom made the maximum ($4,600) contribution to – wait for it, Christopher Dodd.

Stevie, you know that the definition of an honest judge is one who, once bought, stays bought. Chris Dodd is not an honest judge and if you couldn’t figure that out well, you may be a financial genius but your street smarts are those of a five-year tot brought up in Greenwich. What the hell’s the matter with you, Boy?



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4 responses to “Selling rope to the hangman

  1. Uncle Hugo

    Hey, lighten up, boy, lighten up! Today I “nationalized” (stole) the two biggest coffee producers in Venezuela. Before that it was steel, oil, cement, you name it! Socialism is the wave of the future, get used to it!

  2. Anonymous

    $4600 “donation” is rounding error stuff to anyone of means…as are many $4600 donations to community organizers of various colors and odors

    Sort of like handing a $5 or $10 or $20 to the dude cleaning the toilet at a Manhattan restaurant/bar (doesn’t 4Seasons restaurant still have those archaic toilet attendants for their elderly clientele, w/fresh Depends on hand as needed?)

    Various forms of protection money, tips, taxes, donations, whatever

  3. pulled up in OG

    Another Greenwich gyno gone wild!!

    “But for nearly seven years, none of Dr. Ben D. Ramaley’s patients have known that the prominent obstetrician/gynecologist had been accused of an almost unimaginable act – substituting his own sperm for that of a patient’s husband during an artificial insemination procedure.

    The allegation was made against the veteran Greenwich doctor in a 2005 medical malpractice lawsuit – which was quickly settled, then sealed, the very court documents shredded. The suit was filed by a couple when a DNA test revealed that the husband was not the biological father of their twin girls, born after an insemination procedure performed by Ramaley.”

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Anon is right – what is a few thousand to Steve Cohen?…chump change, exactly.