When politics meets health care

Democrats torn asunder over abortion while health care bill founders. Liberals cheered when helmet laws were enacted: “we pay for these people, we have the right to dictate what they do.” The same for seat belt laws, punitive cigarette taxes, soda fines, trans fat bans, etc. So now they are seeing what happens when they turn personal decisions over to their government to decide for them, and it’s not as much fun. Bottom line prediction: you’ll be able to have federally supplied health care or an abortion, but not both.

If you’d like to see the future of health care, consider ethanol: the law mandating its use was enacted as a sop to Iowa corn farmers and in the years since its passage, it has become clear that: it doesn’t clean the air: fuel injection systems don’t need and can’t use an “oxygenator”; it consumes more energy than it saves; it threatens the gains we’ve made in conservation; it adds extra, unnecessary cost to the price of gasoline; and it drives up the cost of food. Congress’ response: expand the program, throw more taxpayer subsidies at it.

Hypo: if  two new medical devises are invented, each of which will save XXX lives but are so expensive that the choice of one will preclude the other, which machine will be adopted by the government: Machine A, which saves 5% more lives but is made in Backwater, Missouri in a freshman Congressman’s district, or Machine B, manufactured (deliberately) in the home district of the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee? There’s your future.


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24 responses to “When politics meets health care

  1. XYount

    I am avidly pro-choice, so I can understand the democrats tying themselves in knots over the abortion issue, the thinking being: one chink in the armor of a woman’s rights, and the next thing you know, Nazi Popes, Fundamentalist nutjobs and Rush Limbaugh will be the three branches of government.

    It’s all about posturing, man, so let the party of the people do its thing. When the dust settles, there will still be worthy organizations like Planned Parenthood to provide less hystrionic, more viable knowledge than right-to-lifers who, by the way, aren’t about to support needy children once they’re born. They leave that up to the Democrats.

    • christopherfountain

      Conservative church goers contribute more to charity, by a huge margin, than liberals. You can look it up. Libs like to take my money and give it to people they feel are more deserving. Conservatives reach in their own pocket. Must have something to do with principle, I guess.

  2. KC

    When I lived in the DC area several years ago, I met a policy wonk who had worked for congresspersons, etc. We were friends with his rather liberal sister and I have to say that they were both friendly, bright and charming. But he had a thing against hamburgers and, presumably, other fast food. He had all sorts of casual ideas about how we might remove them from the average American’s life. We kind of laughed over them then but I could see it coming: a black market for hamburgers, buying hot dog buns out in the parking lot and fast food chains having to sell tofu to the unwashed masses.

  3. Anonymous

    a conservative vegetarian doesn’t eat meat.

    a liberal vegetarian wants to ban all meat products for all people.

  4. '73Refugee

    XYount, if you want to stay “avidly” pro-choice, I suggest you don’t look at an ultrasound of an actual abortion.

    Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

    Incidentally, Jane Roe (Norma Leah McCorvey) also had a change of heart.

  5. XYount


    If you wore a skirt, I might be interested in your opinion. Unfortunately, it’s cavemen like you who think they’re taking the high road when they’d do better to get off their high horse.

  6. Arouet

    Polls since the 60’s have shown that people don’t want to criminalize abortion 65-35. When the mother’s health is in danger, it’s closer to 70-30. That’s why the GOP has never put much effort into criminalizing abortion. It’s touted as one of their platform planks so they can dupe the fundies into voting GOP, regardless of whatever else is in the hopper.

    If you’re serious about discouraging and decreasing abortion, look at what the Scandies are doing. Lowest rates in the world. The rest is just a bunch of white noise for the benefit of idiots who value talking points over actual results.

  7. Anonymous

    And gender-based abortion is Sweden is an advance?

  8. '73Refugee

    XY, I yield to your right to dismemberment.

  9. XYount


    Yours, fathead, would be a worthy target.

  10. Anonymous

    XYount is a misandrist with some serious unresolved anger.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    Uh-oh, getting ugly around here! Take it to the Gingerman, I say!

  12. Anony 2

    who is the one flustered and resorting to violence?

  13. Old School Grump

    CF, you wrote

    “Conservative church goers contribute more to charity, by a huge margin, than liberals.”

    Their charity of choice is their own church and its affiliate organizations, right?

    Not a bad thing, but not exactly an indication of having a big heart, either.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know what it says, Old school. My church uses most of its money on building schools and health clinics in Africa and helping po’ folk in Mississippi. Seems to me that there is an awful lot of that going around while the liberals contribute to PETA and Americans for a Liberal Way.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    After reviewing the stream. It appears as if XYount has some serious problems with gender bias (and anger management…). XYount obviously feels that only if you are wearing a skirt does your opinion count in an abortion debate, apparently. Not only does XYount seem intellectually facile – not holding forth with the real meat in an important discussion, where both sides have real and meaningful points, but XYount falls to the lowest common denominator in an argument. C’mon XYount – surely you can do better that calling ’73 “Fathead!” You are LAME.

    • christopherfountain

      Alright children, let’s lay off abortion, XYount, and all that. I happen to disagree with XYount, at least so far as being an “avid supporter” of abortion, but there must be better things to carry on about – what’;s Tina Pray doing today, for instance?

      I do wish, though, that all the right to privacy folks would have been asserting that right 40 years ago when I was fooling around with putting illicit drugs in my body. Would have spared me the paranoia and skulking around that no young lad enjoys. As for today, can I please have my cigarettes and trans fats back?

  15. Anonymous

    XYount redeem yourself.
    Buy an expensive Greenwich home through CF.

  16. XYount

    C’mon, GG, he is a fathead. Just look at that picture.

    And to our host, CF, I bow to your plea for cooler heads and moving on to other topics. It is your blog. I am merely an interested, and somewhat opinionated, spectator.

  17. Vineyard Vines


    conservative christians donating monies to charity.


  18. Red

    I defend XYount’s right to be as obnoxious and provocative as any self-styled pro-lifer.

  19. pulled up in OG

    Take away the tax deduction and see how much the Met gets.