Announcing a new service: removal of Obama stickers from Lexus SUVs

The Demmerkrats are getting ready to impose a medicare tax on capital gains. Don’t worry, it will only apply, at least at first, to gains of $250,000 or more so if you sell your Greenwich house in the immediate future, you shouldn’t be hit – they can’t tax what doesn’t exist, yet. But if the market comes back, …

As a public service, and for only $35 per sticker, I’ll be conducting an Obama removal removal session Thursday, November 26th at the Eastern Middle School parking lot, 10-12. Special discounts for Bentleys.


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2 responses to “Announcing a new service: removal of Obama stickers from Lexus SUVs

  1. Anonymous

    How many can I sponsor?
    How much time have you got?

    Do you think that if you scratch off the bumper stickers, the Greenwich citizens will feel victimised enough to start a spree of reparations ?

  2. Anonymous

    CF: The following paragraph of the article you cite contains a serious error:

    “Dividends and capital gains are now taxed at 15 percent, which is scheduled to increase to 20 percent in 2011. Subjecting them to the Medicare tax would increase the levy to 21.45 percent after 2011. The top two income tax brackets are scheduled to be 36 percent and 39.6 percent after 2011.”

    Capital gains would continue to be taxed at a preferential (albeit increased) rate in 2011, as stated above, but dividends are scheduled under current law to revert to being taxed as ordinary income in 2011 at top rates of 36 and 39.5 percent, IOW well over double the current rate.