Builders downsize

The WSJ reports on the downsizing of the American dream. Looking at the “before and after” schematics of two houses, though, I realize just how accustomed I’ve become to Greenwich-sized homes. These two Lilliputians are so small that the pre-recession model seem suitable as a Havemeyer starter home and the post-recession one maybe a guest room/pool house. We got a whole lot of shrinking to do before we start looking like Atlanta.

Slimming Down

Compare the floor plans of a boom-era luxury home and a smaller, post-recession design.


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7 responses to “Builders downsize

  1. Anonymous

    Typical clueless commie journalists wishing for a NYC-like, low standard of living upon US suburbia

    New 3K sf houses (w/3-car garages, modern HVAC and energy efficient tech/insulation/glass) are awfully cheap in suburban Dallas or Houston (~$300K)

    Besides, typical suburbanite earning ~$100-200K/yr is pudgy, has 3 pudgy kids and 2-3 obese mutts….thus, addicted to cheap space (and big SUVs) to spread out the inevitable clutter, noises and odors of their “alternative” lifestyle

  2. Real Torme

    On the floor plan, please note “Owner’s suite” and we still use “master bedroom” here in quaint Greenwich. (Joint ownership not considered either place). No “his and her baths” you can bet.

  3. Cos Cobber

    God Damn it Marc, stop talking about my family like that!

    Mr. Anti-Commie Poster, I know your name is Marc because you have left your distinctive posts in the WSJ comments section under said name.

    With all your posting, how do you have time to rule the financial universe?

  4. Helsa Poppin

    I might as well ask it here – what are current building costs per square foot in this area? I was recently quoted $500 and almost choked.

    • christopherfountain

      Duff? What say you? Final cost depends on level of finishes, of course, but for $500 I’d expect gold fixtures. Not, as some Greenwich homeowners will assure you, there’s anything wrong with that!

  5. anon1

    Chris, I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, 1400 sq ft one story ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one car garage, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids, and my TWO parents. There was plenty of room for all of us and many kids to play with on the block. I bet you did, too. Who needs 8,000 sq ft, really?

  6. Vineyard Vines

    WSJ is now commie publication ?? Lest you forget they are owned by news corp.

    Oh and NYC has comparable standard of living compared to boring suburb lands. The post war USA is over folks.