I predicted this a month ago

Obama rejects all troop options in Afghanistan. The “experts” profess surprise, but if an armchair blogger like me could see it coming, how expert are they? Look, this is really simple: if the One adds troops, he infuriates the left nuts and makes the war his. If he pulls everybody out and Afghanistan returns to a Taliban terrorist training site, he gets every normal American mad. If he continues the status quo and everything falls apart – which it will – he can continue to blame Bush for getting us into the mess to begin with.

And so that’s what he’ll do.


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  1. Anonymous

    From 9/11/01 to 11/04/01, it took American troops 65 days to recapture Kabul from the Taliban and send them packing.

    Limp-wristed Barry has been dithering with General McChrystal’s plan for 74 days and counting. Of course he had plenty of time for 22 meetings with Andy Stern of SEIU and more than a few get-togethers with David Letterman during the same period. Not to mention several photo-ops with Cos Cob’s very own Jim Himes, our own resident ACORN stooge.

  2. FlyAngler


    I think you make a great point but I think you are being too generous with your timeline. Obama won the WH just over a year ago. He had been getting regular intelligence briefings before that and, while they were not of the depth of those he received after the election, they told him plenty.

    His in-depth briefings likely started in mid to late November of last year. He had his foreign policy team selected by December. The Inaugeration was in late January. Senate confirmation and swearings in took into February.

    Obama makes a major speech on Afghanistan in March. Lays out a plan, sets some objectives and actually makes it sound like he is committed to some form of victory there. Remember, candidate Obama told America and the World that Afghanistan was the “right” war. I think most mainstream Americans took that assertion at face value. Skeptics (my had is raised) thought it a rhetorical ploy to drive space between he and HRC and then he and McCain (an extension of Bush?Cheney Doctrine).

    So while you are starting the dithering clock at the point where McCrystal submitted his report, I suggest that The One has had a much longer time frame in which to decide what his strategy was going to be. All-in (more troops), all-out (stratgic withdrawal) or status quo were the only choices available.

    Yes, that oversimplifies a complex situation but we are dealing with a matter that is about ideaology to this Administration. They know what they want to do (all-out) but can not for fear of public reaction and what the blowback might be (as well as O’s legacy should the Taliban reestablish control and then compromise Pakistan).

    Governing is much more complicated than campaigning as this White House has learned over the past nine months. Unfortunately, 53% of our fellow Americans forgot that when they went to the polls in 2008.

  3. Helsa Poppin

    A close relative was at a speech given by Bill Clinton recently. Re Afghanistan, Clinton said, there are no easy answers here, and I give my full support to whatever the administration decides to do. I think this is what the mainstream media will do: give the benefit of the doubt to Obama even as he flounders and flails and reneges on his campaign promises. He’ll try a little of everything and it will all be good. Then he’ll do nothing at all and that will be good too. Then he’ll get aggressive and win another Nobel. Whatever.

  4. KC

    What’s the quote here? “Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . .” I don’t know, it jumped to mind when I read your posting.

  5. Arouet

    Effective counterinsurgency generally requires soldiers equal to 5% of the population. For Afghanistan, with a pop of about 34 million, that would require 1.7 million soldiers. Resource constraints will not allow the US to make that committment, and anything less is a half-assed job attached to a meat grinder.

  6. FlyAngler

    Well, when you need some serious analysis, you can always go to John Stewart’s show:


  7. Greenwich Gal

    That was good, Fly Angler. He’s always good for a laugh. Too bad we’re screwed.

  8. Cal

    I, for one, would like to know how “victory” is defined in both the Afghan and Iraq messes.