Wouldn’t this be funny

Up in New York’s District 23, it seems that the vote count was screwed up and they’re redoing it. It’s entirely possible that Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman may prove to be the winner after all. Frankly, it won’t affect anything down in the tar pit whatsoever, but it will be entertaining to see what Krugman, the editors of the NYTimes have to say if the election results are reversed. They spent thousands of words parsing the meaning of Hoffman’s defeat  ad concluding that all was well with liberal Democratism after all. And so if Hoffman wins ….


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2 responses to “Wouldn’t this be funny

  1. FlyAngler


    This is actually a bigger deal than you suggest. With Hoffman’s concession, the election was considered uncontested. As such, Owens was allowed to go the DC and be sworn in on Friday, just in time for Queen Nancy’s Saturday night vote.

    Also sworn in on Friday was the new Dem rep from California. Thus, Her Highness had two newly elected Dems who dutifully voted for the healthcare bill. This means that these two newly elected folk were the difference between 220 and 218, the needed margain to pass.

    If Hoffman had contested, Owens would not have been sworn in and that seat would have been vacant for Saturday’s vote. More over, The Media would have been robbed of the opportunity to talk about how the three big election votes were a “push” (yeah, sure).

    Sure, that one vote would have still left Queen Pelosi with 219. However, if Owens had not “won”, can we be sure that all of the other 219 Dems would have aligned with the Speaker. Could two high profile losses, a still undecided seat and a different Media narrative possibly have unnerved at least a couple of vulnerable Dems?

    Might the uncertainty have been so great that the vote was never brought forward on Saturday?

    Makes one wonder. And if Hoffman ends up with more votes, Owens is removed from the seat and Hoffman will be sworn in. I relish the opportunity to watch The Media spin that one.

  2. KC

    Boy, I’ve heard so much spin on this one, I’m almost afraid to have an opinion. But I can’t help it, I’d love to see Hoffman win.