I was going to let this story alone but …

You’ve got to love the NY Post headline writers: “Dr. Jerk’ll sperm probe!”


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3 responses to “I was going to let this story alone but …

  1. dogwalker

    Admittedly, I had not read any details on this story, but here I learn that the couple was mixed race. So the caucasian physicians uses his sperm to impregnate the caucasian mother and it does not enter his head that somebody just might suspect that it was not the African American father contributing to this venture?

    So, do we add stupidity to the accusations against this guy? Or does this indicate that he secretly wanted to get caught?

    Oye . . . off to find a naturopath!

  2. vitabrevis

    Just imagine…..

    If the Messiah’s mother had gone to Doc Ramaley he might just be another white Chicago democrat!