You can thank our First Selectman for this

Two former town employees, Garo Garabedian and Ennio De Vita, have filed age discrimination complaints against the town. I’m not familiar with Mr. Da Vita but Garabedian was a top notch fellow who always exuded a calm confidence and excellent grasp of the facts when I heard him speak at various public meetings and zoning hearings over the years. I was astonished that Tesei fired him but even more appalled at they way he did it, ordering the man escorted out of Town Hall under guard as though he were some criminal to be feared.

Perhaps Garabedian would have complained anyway – he’s 64 and surely felt wronged, but if Tesei had done the honorable thing, given him a public farewell and perhaps a ceremony to thank him for his decades of service to the town, the ill-will could have been mitigated. As it is, the man is pissed and coming back at us. Even as a taxpayer who will end up footing the bill for any award he’s granted, I say good for him.


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10 responses to “You can thank our First Selectman for this

  1. Downsizing

    No tax revenues. No job. Downsizing. Garabedian didn’t sign a contract for life. The article makes no mention that he gets unemployment benefits for his 106K salary. He also gets a pension for the rest of his life. What more does he want? His job back? No way. Let him go out in the world and start his own business and see how far he gets. Then he can pay taxes like us and start to see the value in a cheaper, smaller government. Free loader by my analysis.

  2. Lou Caravella

    Now Lou might have a real case. Leaving at 83 years before they dumped his wide ass too. Most Greenwich employees just warm a chair for about 30 years. Look at the departments. Like molasses out of jar. Thank Jesus for these poor economic times to delete deadwood. Should have been done YEARS ago.

  3. Chimney

    I second your comments re Garo- he’s a first-class guy, and didn’t deserve the treatment he got from Tessei. I voted for Tessei-( consider the alternative)-but was not happy with his past treatment of Garo and his self-serving negative comments about Denise Savegeau, another terrific and dedicated town employee. Peter is not going to make many friends with town hall employees if he keeps up that tack.

    On another subject, have you seen Bill (your dear scribe) Clark’s latest blog? I almost had a heart attack- he actually said something positive about something!!! Better check his temperature – I think the poor fellow must be suffering from heatstroke!

  4. bc

    You are so right about That.

  5. JoeRiverside

    Yes, I thank our First Selectman for cutting the size of our government. I’m sorry for anyone who loses their job, but all towns are facing budget deficits and the First Selectman has to make tough decisions. As for how the individuals were fired, I would hold off criticizing until all the facts are in. Just remember, “there are two sides to every story……and then there’s the truth”

  6. AJ

    I don’t know, but if this is the guy that oversaw Worth Construction’s abysmal job at Hamilton School he should have been fired long ago. If I am wrong, I apologize.

  7. Cos Cobber

    CF, Downsizing and Chimney nailed it. So Peter should have thrown some confetti in the air upon the downsizing announcements, big deal. In the rest of the real world this happens every day. Government jobs are not jobs for life. That is the problem here.

    The more I think about it, this age discrimination case is really angers me. What could possibly be the basis behind it?

  8. Anonymous

    “‘Dee’ retires after 51 years of service”

    Author: Neil Vigdor
    Date: August 29, 2009
    Publication: Greenwich Time (CT)
    Page: A001
    By Neil Vigdor

    “After keeping the minutes and attendance of the Representative Town Meeting since 1970s, Dorothea Meilinggaard can finally put down her pen.

    Currently the longest-tenured municipal employee with 51 years of service to the citizens of Greenwich, the past 29 as assistant town clerk, the woman known simply as “Dee” is retiring.

    When Meilinggaard, 69, walks out the door of Town Hall on Monday afternoon, some say that town… ”

    I admit that 69 is still young, but the age discrimination aspect wasn’t evidently there in this instance. I can’t imagine staying anywhere for 3 years, 51 years must feel very comfortable.

  9. dogwalker

    I’m with those who say it was the way things were done more than what was done. The idea of armed escorts was absolutely surreal in this situation.

    Am I the only one who has had positive experiences at Town Hall?

  10. Anonymous

    You’re right about Clark’s case of heatstroke, Chimney: the poor fool actually thought that he was making a donation to “Habitat for Humanity” when, in reality, those guys with the milk cartons on Greenwich Ave. are collecting for “Habitat for Hannity,” an organization that is raising funds to establish a Connecticut base for the Fox commentator.