Feds demand free admission to auto show

After using our money to bail out the auto industry, federal officials; bureaucrats and Congressmen alike, are demanding they be let into the auto show free as a reward for their largess. Does this mean that they can come into your house if you are a mortgage bailout beneficiary? Restrict your right to an abortion if you are on ObamaKare? And how about this: all these parasites did was take our money and give it to someone else – how come they reward themselves and you and I still must pay admission? Final question: did the Soviet oligarchs pay admission to their auto-shows?


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5 responses to “Feds demand free admission to auto show

  1. XYount


    You trying to bait me with that bold-face come hither? The other day was fun, but now I’m spent. Was it good for you, too?

  2. XYount

    Guess I will. Too nice to stay indoors. I’m biking to the beach. Hooray for global warming.

  3. In a few years all of GM’s cars will be designed by Washington bureaucrats and if you don’t buy on, you’ll have to pay a penalty.

    One model currently on the drawing board is code named the “San Fran Nan” and will be a two seater that runs on D cell batteries, with a range of several hundred yards.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Global Warming Update: 3rd Coldest Oct on record for the entire nation going back to 1895!