Psychic applies for Accelerated Rehabilitation after lying to cops


Stop it, Tony! Go find your own shower!

Hey, I have no problem if this lady  Janet Lee wants to keep her record clean, I’m just a little disappointed by this statement attributed to her:


Lee said after her court arraignment that she was telling the truth and felt police were treating her unfair.

“It all came to me as a big surprise,” Lee said in October. “I was brutally beaten, and at the E.R., I never thought I would get arrested.”

Not much of a psychic, is she?

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One response to “Psychic applies for Accelerated Rehabilitation after lying to cops

  1. KC

    This story has alot going for it. I like the quick mention of the large and elite clientele and the gang of rival psychics and the paper mentions two possible attacks, one on the street and one at home, right? Or maybe no attacks? If this doesn’t end in a seance with floating tables and flickering lights, I’ll be a little disappointed.