John Stossel – it’s the spending, stupid

California and New York have budget deficits? Bo hoo. If they’d merely increased their spending to population growth and inflation, they’d have huge surpluses. I pointed out the same thing about our own fair state of Connecticut awhile ago: we’ve quadrupled state spending in twenty years in inflation-adjusted dollars while our population has remained constant. Have the needs of our citizens really grown 4X greater than in 1989? So that every dollar budgeted to be spent by our native Democrats is essential and cannot be cut? By one dollar? I think not; Hartford disagrees but then, it’s Fairfield County taxpayers’ money they’re spending, not their own.

Here’s part of Stossel’s column:

It’s not that taxes don’t anger me. They do. But I’m more angry about the arrogance of the ruling class. It reminds me of Walter Williams’ riff: “Politicians are worse than thieves. At least when thieves take your money, they don’t expect you to thank them for it.”

Taxes, even counting hidden taxes, are not the real measure of what the thieves take. The true burden of government, the late Milton Friedman said, is the spending level. Taxation is just one way government gets money. The other ways — borrowing and inflation — are equally burdens on the people. (State governments can’t inflate, but they sure can borrow.)

O’Reilly told me that America is ready for a tax revolt. I hope he’s right. But I don’t think it will happen until more people see the ruling elite for what it is: a gang of arrogant bullies that has the audacity to believe that they know how to direct our lives better than we do.

That’s why, bad as the taxes are, I’m more upset about ObamaCare, Medicare, the “stimulus,” the auto bailout, the bank bailouts, the Fannie/Freddie bailouts, the trillions in guarantees, and on and on.

The politicians’ spending schemes represent presumptuous interference in our lives. They are an assault on our autonomy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Unlike ’70s, globalization and Net have made tax arbitrage an easy game for the true rich; just takes move of a few big hedgies or techies to muck up tax revenues/deficits of big states like NY or CA

    And Net and blogosphere will likely enrage the alleged rich voters to remove the commies sooner than in era when many relied upon the commie Old Media establishment for the spin on higher taxes and gvt waste/welfare