Here’s how ObamaKare is going to eliminate waste, cut costs and pay for itself

$100 million paid to Senator for her vote for health care. Yeah okay, that was wasteful, but now we’re really going to get serious abut this. We mean it!


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3 responses to “Here’s how ObamaKare is going to eliminate waste, cut costs and pay for itself

  1. A Nauseated Taxpayer

    Please pardon me for a moment, but upon reading this I have an overpowering urge to barf.

  2. XYount

    Frontline’s “Sick Around the World,” which first aired April 15, 2008 (tax day, interestingly, and no doubt intentional in an election year), does a pretty good job exploring the good, bad and ugly health plans of the UK, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland. T.R. Reid is the very able correspondent reporting.

    The country that comes out on top? Well, let’s just say gun ownership is higher there than here, and they didn’t give women the vote until 1971. Now what makes me thing you’d like that?

    Here’s the link, if you care to take a gander:

  3. KC

    This is really three stories in one. The first, of course, being how to say something in thousands of words when a few would have done. But, then, that would have been pretty clear and well, they’re a bunch of reasons we might not want that. The second is just what is poor Mary going to do? She’s had some pretty close elections but the Landrieu name still carries some political weight so maybe she can vote for the health care bill and get by with it but then again, maybe not. But, you know it is a bunch of money. Well, and that leads to the third story about the money and all. It’s probably a little naive to wonder if they might be so interested in and full of concern for LA right now if Mary’s vote didn’t hang in the balance? Man, those votes are valuable.