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Gone hunting

Depending on schedule, back posting Monday (or, if there happens to be something better than dial-up internet in Bovina, New York, perhaps sooner). Have a most excellent weekend.


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Most puzzling (and grossest) story of the day

Is FWIW's Scusie in mortal peril?

Peruvian gang busted for murdering farmers for body fat. They’ve confessed to killing peasants and melting the body fat from the corpses for resale to international cosmetics companies. I had no idea that human fat was used in cosmetics and I wish I didn’t know now. It will certainly give me pause in the unlikely event I am again in a position to kiss a pretty woman. But what I don’t get is why kill for this stuff – if there’s anything the world has a surplus of it’s human body fat. This doctor scoffs at the idea but until more is known, I urge my larger sized readers to avoid shopping at Walmarts. Lions stalking at the waterhole and all that, you know.

“I can’t see why there would be a black market for fat,” said Dr Adam Katz, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Virginia medical school.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all, because in most countries we can get fat so readily and in such amounts from people who are willing and ready to donate that I don’t see why there would ever be a black market for fat.”

Peruvian authorities said at least six men remained at large – including alleged gang leader, Hilario Cudena.

One of the men in custody reportedly told police Cudena has been killing people for their fat for more than 30 years.


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