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Gee, even the Huffington Post is pissed at Obama

I thought the HuffPo was a liberal ally of the Messiah, but you wouldn’t know it from this. Of course, they see unemployment and blame the One’s advisors, rather than the liberal policies that created the mess, but it’s all good fun nonetheless. Sure, fire Geithner, fire Summers. Bring in a real Democrat and watch what happens. Heh heh.


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See no evil

The New York Times once again is in denial mode, ignoring a huge story that is getting larger and will finally force them to disclose to their readers something they tried to shield them from for weeks. This is about the fifth time this year that’s happened – how much longer before the paper of no record goes kerfluie?


Mark Steyn has an interesting take:

Eine Decliner Nachtmusik   [Mark Steyn]

More from the tree-ring circus of Climate Research Unit “peer-reviewed” computer code:


Specify period over which to compute the regressions (stop in 1960 to avoid the decline that affects tree-ring density records)


Hmm. All sounds very scientific. By the way, the CRU may be in East Anglia but it gets money from the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA — which means you, Mr. and Mrs. America. Which makes it a domestic news story. Sadly, many U.S. newspapers evidently lack the resources to cover the story, but a reader copies me a letter he sent to the New York Times offering to help out:


Dear Mr. Broder,

Very nice article today on the upcoming Copenhagen meeting.  I’ve heard about the cutbacks at the NYT and I guess it’s gotten so bad that they no longer allow internet access to reporters.  So my news tip is that apparently, there’s some kind of development regarding the scientists behind the global warming data, involving emails or something like that.  Some of the papers in the UK are reporting on it and even a few here.  If you are not permitted to go online to find them, I could email you a few examples in pdf format.  Even better, I could download the file containing the emails and other documents themselves, burn them onto a CD, mail the CD to you, and then once you had access to the primary source material you and your colleagues would be able to do your own reporting and investigating.  None of this is to imply in any way that this stuff I’ve heard about could have any possible relevance to a meeting aimed at a global warming agreement based on conclusions based on data that may have been — let’s call them ambiguous. Just thought you might be curious is all, and I’m always happy to help out when I can.



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You just know this is coming to Greenwich Avenue

Swedes discover the nail bed.


29-year-old twin sisters Erika and Svenski Ditchtermark attribute their youthful looks to their nailbeds. "Vee sleep naked on zem,ja and it keeps boys away."




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For $166,000, let’s do without

Greenwich’s Health Department wants that sum returned to its budget next year so it can, among other high-priority tasks, organize a public forum on swine flu. Who the hell goes to these public forums anyway? People want to get scared, they can turn on their TV and catch all the fear-mongering they need, free, broadcast from Washington.

The two-person Community Health Planning Office was closed June 30. Its budget was $168,450, which included $166,000 for salaries. The office organized events, such as health fairs, and also took the lead in developing the department’s pandemic, bioterrorism and smallpox response plans

Health fairs? Smallpox response plans? These are bureaucrats in search of ways to spend money. Now they wanna draft an ebola virus response plan, I’m right there with them.

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Greenwich Time single-parent reporter is back on job

No, I don’t know the marital or parental status of the GT reporter covering the case of the 75-year-old murderer from Glenville, but would she please for the love of God stop referring to him as a “grandfather”? The only possible relevance to the man being a grandfather is that he murdered his grandchildren’s’ mother. I don’t know if the reporter intends the term to evoke sympathy for the creep or just thinks it odd that someone so old would stab another to death, but forget it. A forty-year-old can be a grandfather, a 75-year-old can be a criminal – ask Bernie Madoff. Write the story and call it quits.


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And they’re rendering fat people at Walmarts

This won’t help sales: J.C. Penny salesman rapes 13-year-old boy in changing room. Customer service reaches a new low.

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MEGAN MCARDLE: The Real Problem With the Climate Science Emails. “I think most people–including me–missed the biggest part of the climate emails story. Sexing up a graph is at best a misdemeanor. But a Declan McCullough story suggests a more disturbing possibility: the CRU’s main computer model may be, to put it bluntly, complete rubbish. . . . That is a big problem. The IPCC report, which is the most widely relied upon in policy circles, uses this model to estimate the costs of global warming. If those costs are unreliable, then any cost-benefit analysis is totally worthless. Obviously, this also casts their reluctance to conform with FOI requests in a slightly different light.”

Don’t tell Obama – he’s stopping by Copenhagen to polish up his peace prize.

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