Thanksgiving myths exploded

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While it remains true that the local Massachusetts Indians were forever blessed and benefitted by the arrival of the Pilgrims, who showed them how to grow corn, catch turkeys and advance from their diet of sticks and dirt, other Thanksgiving lore is not so well founded on fact. The WSJ reports that we do not eat more turkey on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year and the holiday does not produce more travel traffic than, say, a busy summer weekday. Will these people stop at nothing to destroy our national fabric? But there is one bright spot where Turkey Day does hold the lead:

[T] here is one undisputed but little-known title that the Thanksgiving holiday can fairly claim: busiest plumbing period. The day after Thanksgiving typically brings 6,200 jobs for Roto-Rooter plumbers. That is more than any other day, and about 50% higher than the typical Friday volume, according to spokesman Paul Abrams. Households crammed with guests, and sinks crammed with bones and other leftovers better suited for the garbage, help spur demand.

So at least we still have that.

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