And speaking of fools and money, did the Hamilton Avenue crew build the new courthouse?

The Stamford Superior Court House, completed in 2002, is leaking and falling apart. Turns out that the state hired a Mafia-controlled contractor, long since out of business, to do the work. No surprise there – Connecticut is an Italian state and half its legislature has friends in the family – but blaming the contractor for all of the problems and all of the cost overruns is disingenuous. I remember how long the site for the building sat as an empty hole while the Legislature delayed funding the project. The hole filled with water, cattails grew and ducks inhabited the place – I feared that completion would be further delayed because we’d need a wetland permit to proceed. What happened was that, after authorizing the new building, our legislature funded it piecemeal as spending on their own pet projects allowed. So first we had a hole dug, then, after several years, enough money was allocated to erect the frame, then it was delayed again, etc. As it ended up, we now do have a court house, but there was no money spent on modern computers so the place is as inefficient as the old one.

So yes, I’m sure somewhere in Sicily the peasant are living high on Connecticut taxpayers’ money, but our crooks and incompetents in Hartford enjoyed the feast too.


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5 responses to “And speaking of fools and money, did the Hamilton Avenue crew build the new courthouse?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Don’t forget, the Feds have used the Court House construction program as a WMBE employment center as well, particularly for design and engineering work. So mix in one part slighly incompetent arch/eng with two parts crook of a GC and stir it all with government oversight as a ladel and viola! Oh, and dont forget to add a pinch of your usual local municipality buildings department oversight, they are always good for some expensive change orders.

  2. Anonymous

    Was CT more efficient or economically relevant when WASPs controlled it?

  3. Buddy

    Yes, of course. Is there an organization more corrupt and disgraceful than the Casa Nostra?

    The CT State Govt is awash in corruption and wasteful spending. These clowns refuse to cut any of their pet projects, even as the state finances are imploding.

    With idiot social engineers like Andrew McDonald of Stamford running the legislature (and the state into the ground), it’s no wonder that the pain the rest of us are suffering has yet to resonate in the cloistered halls of state goverment.

    They need to clean up the corruption and cut spending, period. Start acting like grownups and control yourselves.

  4. Cal

    Yes, Connecticut was in much better shape when that man of virtue, John Rowland, was running the show.