Oysterman’s kid makes it big: Greenwich Time columnist!


Bob Horton in his donut days

Greenwich Time has hired my friend Bob Horton to write a weekly column on town issues, and it’s about time. I adore Bernie Yudain and enjoy his tales of Greenwich of ninety years ago, but the paper can use a voice on current issues as well, and I do not mean sightings of poor Cody Gifford at his dentist’s.

The inaugural column is here. Something about demanding higher test scores for our high school football players which doesn’t seem fair to better students but if it helps keep Cos Cob kids in school, I suppose that’s alright.

Regardless, it’s the best move Greenwich Time has made since they got rid of that Fudrucker fellow’s blog.



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3 responses to “Oysterman’s kid makes it big: Greenwich Time columnist!

  1. Riverside Dog Walker

    Agree on the Bob Horton hire. Good article.

    Could you fix the Zero Hedge blog link, aka, hedge fund blogging, on your blog roll? New link is here:


    I’d also recommend adding a link to Matt Taibbi’s excellent blog, to which one of your readers alerted me:


    You may find this too left wing, but the guy is a Ron Paul supporter, and he also makes a lot of sense.

  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    It’s the Holiday Season, so I want to be nice. But did you ever really think Bernie Yudain was funny? I read his column, and never really got it. I found his humor kind of dull. Like you. So I hope Bob Horton – AKA donut boy – is better.
    Your Pal,

  3. Spike

    Hope the hockey puck covers selectmans’ meetings. Remember when the Greenwich Times used to have good town hall coverage?